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Hey there!

I enjoy writing and reading fanfiction as a way to relax, so the updates may not too frequent but I will try my hardest to post new content as often as I can.

Oftentimes, my stories coenside with roleplay done on my OCs. However, not all my stories can be considered canon for the rp characters. At this point, if the fic is labeled as completed, then it still fits into the main roleplay. If not, then some of the ideas in that work still affect my characters, but many details don't work anymore.

As with any artist or writer, I am open to criticism and would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve my writings. Many thanks to the tauren community and my guild on WrA and their characters for inspiration (especially Tzu'ru for letting me write his toon in Jungles of Stranglethorn) as well as my sister who works with me on a few of my fics. Thank you for reading my works and have a wonderful life!

-Kieve Grove

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