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Hello World! I'm Alyssa, nice to meet you!

I'm an avid reader of a lot of things and I love to write! Fablehaven is my main squeeze, but I love Marvel, Harry Potter and so much more!

I have three currently active stories, so if you stumble across me, please go check them out!

Fablehaven; Return of the Darkness (ACTIVE)

Home Again (ACTIVE)

Fablehaven Facebook (ACTIVE)

I'm not exactly sure what to say, so I guess I'll keep it short and sweet. I remember when I first found this place and how lonely I was. I didn't believe anyone cared about me, or that I could make any kind of difference, and then I decided to post my first story. In a lot of ways, writing and reading saved my life. It gave me back my passion and reminded me that nothing life goes on. I learned that happiness is a journey, one that you have to choose to embark on. I live every day of my life choosing to take that journey and live the fullest life I can.

The people that read my stories inspire me each and everyday to keep writing. I see you guys, and I truly thank you for the love and time you give me every time I post! I do this for you!

A note about my update schedule: I try and update each one of my stories roughly once or twice a month. However, I am quite a busy person, and even when it seems like I've forgotten about my stories, I promise that I haven't! I try my best to post only what I am proud of, and sometimes that means that these things take time.

Also, I am very much concerned about proper grammar in my stories and try my best to be a great editor, but I find that a lot of my late night editing sessions tend to take a toll on my quality of grammar. If you ever see a glaring mistake (and if you care enough), feel free to PM me!

And finally, it sucks that I have to say this, but the internet can be a mean, nasty place. I DO NOT tolerate ANY kind of bullying, hate speech or negativity. So basically, let's all be decent human being.

OKAY, BREAK! I think that's all I have to say, have a fantastic day everyone!

Much love, Alyssa

(xoxo gossip girl)

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