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Funny Quotes related to the Harry Potter World:

Sirius Black: Voldemort is after something... something that he didn't have last time.

Harry Potter: ...A nose?

D. Umbridge: Cedric Diggory's dead was a tragic accident.

Harry: Sounds like your birth.

M. MacGonagall: Is it true that you shouted at Professor Umbridge?

H. P.: Yes...

M. M.: You called her a liar?

H. P.: Well, yes...

M. M.: Have a biscuit, Potter.

H. P. : Have... what?

Harry: You're white.

Sirius: No, I'm Black.

Harry: Stop joking!

Sirius: No, I'm Sirius.

''Voldemort is like a teenage girl: he has a diary, a tiara, a special cup, a pet he adores and an obsession a famous teenage boy.''

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