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Hi, my name is Miti as in people outside the internet really actually call me that more often than by my real name. :D

Since I'm german you can figure that english isn't my first language, but I consider myself fairly fluent in it and will probably only write in english. If you spot any spelling mistakes or wrong grammar in my stories please, PLEASE tell me, so I can correct them and learn from my mistakes. :) But be nice about it. I'm just a human being with feelings and not a heartless robot. This also means that anyone can feel free to PM me talk about anything. Seriously, I'm a really open girl with a big heart and an open ear. I'd love to chat with anyone actually wanting to talk to me. :)

Now onto some basic things:

I love How To Train Your Dragon. I'm Hiccstrid fangirl trash (OTP!), I ship Hicclout as my brotp and Dagur is my secret sin... Also Toothless, who doesn't love Toothless? And Stoick, may he rest in peace and be forever in our hearts.

I love listening to movie soundtracks (the instrumental ones). I am a huge fan of Blue October, currently The Cab trash, and can be convinced to listen to almost anything (except Justin Bieber and german 'Schlager' ,namely Helene Fisher *shudders in disgust* ugh.)

I love reading anything in the fantasy, urban-fantasy, science-fiction and young adult genres. My favourite books are the Throne of Glass series and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas. But strangely enough, even though I love reading pretty much, I NEVER GOT AROUND READING CRESSIDA COWELLS 'HOW TO TRAIN YOU DRAGON' SERIES!!! *goes to the corner of shame*

I am a crafty, artsy person. I can draw and sketch pretty well, or so my friends tell me, and painting, either traditional or digital, is something I'm currently getting more into. Also book binding. I am binding my notebooks for my drawings and notes and stuff all by myself by now. It's oddly calming to bind a book... Anyways, obviously I also write a lot!

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