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Pairings I want:

Wu Dong Qian Kun:

Lin Dong x Lin Langtian

Lin Dong x Wang Yan

Lin Dong x Wu Yun

Lin Dong x Lei Li

Lin Dong x Qing Tan

Black Haze:

Rood x Lispen

Rood x the prince ( can't remember his name)

Percy Jackson and Percy Jackson crossovers:

Percy is always the uke in these pairings.*

(Some of these pairings can be one sided as in one of them likes Percy but Percy doesn't like them back*)

~Kane Chronicles Crossover:

•Percy X Horus

•Percy X Anubis

•Percy X Carter Kane

•Percy X Thoth

~Avengers Crossover:

(I don't want all of Percy's friends like the seven dead in these crossovers though because that's really depressing.)

•Percy X Thor

•Percy X Loki

•Percy X Tony

•Percy X Steve(Captain America)

•Percy X Peitro (Quicksilver)

•Percy X Wanda

~Norse Mythology crossover:

•Percy X Thor

•Percy X Loki

•Percy X Baldr(I think that's how it's spelled?)

•Percy X Original Norse male character

~Mayan Mythology crossover:

•Percy X a male god

•Percy X a female god

•Percy X original Mayan male character

~Lorien Legacies crossover:

( I don't want Percy to be really weak compared to the numbers, it would be better if he was really strong, not too strong, but strong enough to be able to defeat them, doesn't have to be all of them.)

•Percy X John (#4)

•Percy X # Five

•Percy X other male Number

~Not a crossover ( a chaos fanfic)

•Percy X male Chaos

•Percy X Luke

•Percy X Jason

•Percy X Apollo

•Percy X original male demigod

•Percy X one sided Ares

•Percy X one sided Apollo

•Percy X one sided Luke

•Percy X one sided Jason

•Percy X one sided End (bad guy)

•Percy X one sided Order (bad guy)

•Percy X one sided Kronos (obviously bad guy)

•Percy X one sided new male camper ( that gets him betrayed) ~~~{ Maybe if he was betrayed, the one who got him betrayed like a new son of Zeus or Poseidon has a crush on him and is possessive of him and/or jealous of those close to him.}

•Also a new camper that's Percy's half brother has a brother complex for Percy would be funny.


Sinbad x Kouen

Sinbad x Judal


Rain x Reygul


Gareki x Silver Yogi

Gareki x Akari

Gareki x Jiki

Gareki x Karuko (personal favorite)

Gareki x Hirato

Gareki x Tsukitachi

Owari no Seraph:

Yuu x Crowely (personal favorite)

Yuu x Ferid

Yuu x Guren

Yuu x Ashuramaru (male)

Yuu x Kureto Hiragi

Prince of Tennis:

Ryoma x Shirashi

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword:

Rey Yan x Jaryoon

Rey Yan x Shiyan

Rosario x Vampire:

Tsukune x Kuyo

Tsukune x Hokuto

Tsukune x Miyabi Fujisaki

Tsukune x Issa Shuzen

Tsukune x Alucard

Tsukune x Mikogami

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