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My favorite stories are ones with OP female or futanari protagonists who spend their time using their OP powers not to smite their enemies (though I have a special exception for Corrupt Governments like the British Ministry of Magic or One Pieces' World Government or the Devil faction council in Highschool DxD, or Konoha's Civilian and Elder councils or Fiore's Magic Council in Fairy Tail or the Central 46 in Bleach) but to troll them Zelretch-Style like for example foiling Dumbledore's plans to test the Chosen One by stealing the Philosopher's stone and replacing it with a fake that makes an elixir that causes the drinker to stink to high heavens or fart uncontrollably or stealing the prophecy orb in the DoM and replace it with something that makes it seem like Voldemort is going to be betrayed by his followers and causes him to start killing them in paranoia or Stealing Sasuke's Sharingan before he betrays the village and replacing it with a cheap copy so that she can give Itachi Sasuke's eyes along with placing seals on the copys so that if he were to come within feet of Orochimaru willingly then the seals would destroy all traces of the sharingan in Sasuke's DNA along with leaving a taunting message to Orochimaru. Those are just some examples of stories that I enjoy though I would also enjoy it if someone were to use Kotoamatsukami on the councils listed above so that they would due what the caster said without question. The idea of someone puppeting the World Government or the Devil's Council or the British MoM like how Aizen puppeted the Central 46 sounds like an awesome story. The reason that I would rather read a OP futanari than a male or female story is because if someone can change genders at will then they stay in the one that they are most comfortable in instead of mixing things up but futanari's are a mix between genders and so they are more likely to swap genders just to screw with someone because they know how both sides work.

I am surprised as well that no one has written a Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess story where either The Resistance members or Princess Zelda or both watch or read the events of the game.

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