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I am a single woman and is working in credit department.. I was an accounting and finance student and I love mathematics.. I am an introvert and my hobby is reading..

I am an animal lover and my favorite animal is cat..

I am a Muslim and Islam is the predominant religion in my country..

Also, English is my second language..

After watching Frozen, I immediately fall in love with it especially with Elsa.. I've been very obsessed with it and have been active in searching anything regarding Frozen on the website.. And because of that, I've been introduced to this site.. And I am so glad that I did.. I have read many fanfiction about Frozen and got addicted to some wonderful stories..

After reading so many Frozen fanfiction, I realized there are so many shipping regarding Frozen characters.. I love the shipping of Elsa and Anna as sisters.. I also can accept Kristanna.. However, I can never approve the others for these reasons:-

Jelsa - I watched 'The Rise of the Guardians' because I want to know why there are some people who ship this pairing.. But after watching it, I really don't think they are suitable with each other..

Elsanna - I can't accept people who ship this pairing as lovers.. I mean they are sisters, not lovers..

Helsa - Hans tried to kill Elsa..

Hanna - Hans locked Anna inside a room to let her die..

Kristelsa - Elsa and Kristoff didn't even share a word in Frozen..

I am a supporter of #KeepElsaSingle..

After I watched Frozen, I love it sooo much that I started to watch Disney princess movies and Disney animated movies.. And it's because of Frozen.. I love Disney because of Frozen.. Without Frozen, I would have missed so many good movies..

Anyway, here are some of my favorite Disney characters:-

Lady and the Tramp - Lady

The Aristocats - Duchess

The Fox and the Hound - Tod

The Black Cauldron - Eilonwy

The Great Mouse Detective - Olivia

Oliver and Company - Jenny & Oliver (And my favourite song of this movie is Good Company)

Oliver and Company (favourite dog) - Rita

The Lion King - Nala

Balto Series - Jenna

The Hunchback of the Notre Dame - Esmeralda

Hercules - Megara

Lion King 2: The Simba's Pride - Kiara & Kovu

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure - Angel

Lilo & Stitch - David & Nani

Treasure Planet - Captain Amelia

Brother Bear - Sitka

Tinker Bell series - Fawn, Periwinkle, Silvermist

Big Hero 6 - GoGo Tomago

Zootopia - Judy Hopps

I love watching BM and my favourite is The Princess and the Pauper..

Here is the list of my favourite characters for BM:-

The Princess and the Pauper - Anneliese

The 12 Dancing Princesses - Courtney

The Island Princess - Luciana

The Diamond Castle - Alexa

Thumbelina - Janessa

The Three Musketeers - Aramina

A Mermaid Tale - Hadley

Princess Charm School - Blair

Princess Charm School (Hadley or Isla) - Hadley

The Princess and the Popstar - Vanessa

Mariposa and the Fairy Princess - Catania

The Pearl Princess - Lumina

The Pearl Princess (Cora or Sandrine) - Cora

The Pearl Princess (Favourite Animal Character) - Madame Ruckus

Princess Power - The Twin (Madison and Makayla)

Rock 'N Royals (Courtney or Erika Juno) - Erika Juno

Rock 'N Royals (Rayna or Zia) - Zia

Rock 'N Royals (Aubray or Genevieve) - Genevieve

Spy Squad - Patricia

Favourite Reformed Character - Delancy

I love anime Bleach and have watched all 366 episodes.. Here is the list of my favourite characters:-

Favorite Shinigami - Kuchiki Rukia

Favorite Captain - Hitsugaya Toshiro

Favorite Espada - Tier Harribel

Favorite Human - Arisawa Tatsuki

Favorite Modified Soul - Kujo Nozomi

Favorite Zanpakuto Spirit - Hyorinmaru

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