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Hey y'all! *waves*

Stephenie Meyer actually published Midnight Sun! Can you believe it?! The book that started my Twilight Obsession, finished and published! I wonder if she'll do the rest of the saga...

Well, until then, I am! When I first read the portion of Midnight Sun available to us, I fell in love with Edward's side of things. I wanted the rest from his point of view. Since it didn't exist, I decided if I wanted it, I had to write it. And here we are.

I started with New Moon as Saudade, then Eclipse as Frozen Fire, and naturally moved on to Breaking Dawn. The beginning I first envisioned kind of turned into a story of its own, a prequel, Eternal Teen. I'm in the process of doing Breaking Dawn as Hope Springs Eternal.

So. About Hope...

I will update as close to every other week as I can. I have several chapters first drafted, and am cleaning them up whenever my forward progress comes to a halt. I'm about done writing the declaration scene, and then there's another visit to J to account for and then the night in the woods and then... dun dun dun!!! Not sure if those scenes can fit into the declaration chapter, but if not, there'll be one more to write before reaching Aro.

Actually, scratch that. I forgot I had a whole Bella freaks out while hunting scene to cover lol. So yeah.

All of which is to say, I'm still writing, and I can't wait to finish. :D

Huge thanks to everyone for reading and reviewing. I appreciate all your words of encouragement.


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