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Geez, it took me forever to fill one of these out. Love to read, all types of stories. Eventually when my brain can focus in one direction, instead of a thousand & solidify my ideas into a coherent story, I will attempt my own bit of writing on here & submit it for viewing. However, in the meantime, I will just get inspired and awed by the stories that I follow. I try & review as much as I can, even if its just -- Keep it coming, its good or a Yay! Just so people know their work is being enjoyed and appreciated. Don't worry though, if I have a strong opinion on a plot point, character or even writing tone/style, I will tell ya!

Favorite & Top One True Pair: Logan Echolls & Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars. Yup... *Sighs* Just *Sigh* The feels here. Just...No words do this couple justice. 11 years later & still my OTP. That is saying something!!! If you have not watched Veronica Mars, I recommend it highly. Like obnoxiously recommend it til you want to strangle me. It's that good! Favorite tv show ever. Strong female (& male) characters, lots of drama & just awesomeness in a tiny little series package. Plus, it has so many cool actors in main & guest roles I don't even know where to start. Besides, hello Kristen Bell & Jason Dohring...There is Amanda Seyfried ( yes, that one), Charisma Carpenter & Alyson Hannigan from Buffy, Micheal Cera, Max Greenfield from New Girl, Kristen Ritter from the $%*& in apartment B, Harry Hamlin, Jessica Chastain, Lisa Rinna & many more. Seriously...if you haven't seen it & are scrolling through Netflix/Hulu one day & are like, hmm, what should I watch. Veronica Mars kicks ass. Just saying. Once you are hooked, look at the fan fiction. There is some awesome stuff there. My favorites have to be CaitlynMackenzie, wolfe80 & irilsm. But there are a ton that are great that I am forgetting. So, just peek at my favorites below. Also, there is some really cool pre-series stuff that sets up canon really well or takes the AU down some neat roads. AO3 has a lot of that tagged too if you want to find it easily.

Tied for Favorite Couples Second Place--

Mortal Instruments : Clary & Jace

Snarky,sarcastic characters,star crossed lovers, with a fantasy/supernatural universe, lots of action & adventure, angst & romance. What is there not to like? Definitely a must read & honestly, a must watch. I actually saw the movie on cable at like 3 in the morning when battling insomnia, got hooked, loved the movie, read every book & just adore it.

Fifty Shades of Grey : Ana & Christian

I realize this couple is not everyone's cup of tea (english breakfast..bag out...haha) but it is mine...So, yeah. Don't want to debate the series or its treatment of males/females, the lifestyle or any of that. I like it, I enjoy the characters & stories. Let it go!

Morganville Vampires: Shane & Claire -- Who didnt seriously freak out when she died, I mean come on! Argh!

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