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Kimura Tsukino PM
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Greetings fellow profile stalkers, Here’s some basic info about me:

1.) I love nature and all animals. (Except mosquito's and stinkbug's. Oh, and gnats)

2.) My birthday is on April 22. (Go Earth Day wooo!)

3.) I’m involved with: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Naruto, Katekyo hitman, Marvel, and many, MANY other fandoms. Seriously, waaaay too many.

4.) The paranormal is something I believe in, which includes magic.

5.) Singing is among my many hobbies

6.) Bibliophile is a title i proudly hold (Otherwise I wouldn’t be here)

7.) I‘m what some would call... eccentric

8.) Is Asexual but still appreciates when someone is aesthetically pleasing aka I can find fictional characters attractive.

9.) I am a fan of anime, especially those with gore, magic, isekai, and/or supernatural beings or monsters.

10.) My friends say that I have an obsession with fanfiction, I say its merely an unhealthy interest

11.) Sarcasm is an ingrained part of my very being by this point.

12.) Dark humor is funny humor, I just try not to let it slip out too often. I’ll get weirder looks than normal otherwise

13.) Hmm I'm trying to think of something else... Ooooh, I like gaming and according to the overwhelming majority, curse too much.

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