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Hi. I'm Scaranpannoir (as if you don't know --sarcastic to myself--). Call me Scar. I like writing. So much to write but too little time to do it all.Since there are some things that I'd revealed in some of my fanfics, let me say this; I was born on the year 1999, and my star is Ophiuchus (and Sagittarius, if I can actually have two constellations at once XD) and I love lots of things.

My number one addiction is reading (I can't go by a day w/o reading something, really), after that sweets (not too much, though.), and then writing, baking, singing, playing the piano, etc... Oh well, that's about me, I guess.

Other links where you can find me:

https :// www(.)wattpad(.)com(/)user(/)scaranpannoir

https :// www(.)stufaupdates(.) wordpress(.)com

https :// www(.)amaieroyaoi(.)wordpress(.)com

I'm now officially a college student (WHEEEEE)~~! Which means... I have no idea what my schedule is right now, so my updates will be irregular... well, more irregular than before. :P

Oh, and if you have any fics that you'd recommend me, just PM me. I mean, even if I can't update any fics, I can still read via ffnet app ;)

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