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Hellos, if for some reason you've come across my profile... here's a little bit about me.

I absolutely adore the pairing Lois and Clark. Loved them ever since The New Adventures of Lois and Clark. And now thanks to the appearance of Lois Lane on Smallville... I've returned to my addiction of LnC fanfic and now onto Smallville Clois fanfic. Even enough to jump start my muse to start writing again. Who knows, this might be the beginning of another run of fic writing for me again. :S

As much as I used to love TLW, DA and Roswell, I doubt I'll put out another fic for those shows. :( Anywho, if you're here... might as well check out some of old my stuff. R&R... it might inspire me to write some more stuff (or go back and actually finish some of my abandoned fics)!

veggie_5 :)

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