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-waves- Hello and welcome, awesome person who happens to have stumbled on my profile : p

a l i a s: Juliet.

a g e: twenty.

profession: university student, studying accounting

favourite books: Tomorrow When the War Began (the whole Tomorrow series). The Hunger Games. Shakespeare: Macbeth. King Lear. Romeo and Juliet. Antony and Cleopatra. The Great Gatsby. Chuck Palahniuk novels. Harry Potter. The Chronicles of Narnia. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Picture of Dorian Grey.

current stories;;

Dangerous Intentions - Lily/Scorpius. A mystery, a whirlwind forbidden romance, with humour, drama and action. ATTENTION: just to let you guys know, I'm not giving up on this story. I'm sorry I take so long to update, it's just difficult getting the story to progress the way I want it to.

Seven Years: Against All Odds - Rose/Scorpius. I know I was supposed to be working on Dangerous Intentions, but this idea wouldn't leave me alone. It encompasses all the significant events of their years at Hogwarts; their friendship and what that brought them together, the times that threatened to tear them apart. I'm going to write the entire story before posting it, so you won't have to wait forever like with DI. Three more chapters and it will be ready to go!

possible s t o r i e s:

- Air Dry; James must cope with his parents' death, his lingering feelings for Lily (who still despises him) and Snape's continuing influence on her. Padfoot isn't being much help in matters of romance; the girls love him, but he wrangles with feelings for a woman he can't have. Despite his feelings, Remus keeps pushing Alice away for fear of his 'furry problem'. He's driving her straight into the arms of Frank, and the competition between them is causing friction in the dormitory. Wormtail remains much the same as ever, attempting to be supportive while being slowly dragged further and further into Voldemort's underworld.

Love Juliet


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