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I live in Calgary, Canada.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight.

I will try to maintain near-canon characters and, as such, will not write crossovers.

I appreciate any reviews or suggestions as I continue to develop as a new writer (please PM or review - critiques welcome)

So far I have tended to write about characters or relationships I used to not be fond of - Rosalie has always been, for me, my least favorite character but putting myself in her shoes has led me to have a better understanding of what I believe would have made her who she is and am pleasantly surprised by my tolerance.

I am having much more trouble writing HP fanfiction but I don't imagine I'll ever feel that way about Draco or Voldemort...Dudley, on the other hand, I'm on the fence. (Though time will tell).

I am not JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer but will forever be grateful to them and the worlds they have created and for continuing to let amateurs like me to reconnect with my imagination in forums such as this.

My only critique - Midnight Sun - Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada. Please tell me how sparkly vampires could live here... (though I'm not completely sure she did say Canada - Calgary, Scotland, isn't a city and on the hand would take a plane flight - Maria would not manage on a plane amidst 300 humans either - though making the plane disappear would be quite the spectacle). My critique aside, I sure do like imaging the Cullens as neighbors! There could be a story here ...

I have signed in as a Beta though it's another thing I haven't tried. I do try to post constructive reviews though and would like to be of help to anyone wanting a new perspective on their work.

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls." - George Carlin

"Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack" - unknown

"For the strength of the Pack is the wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack" - Rudyard Kipling

Thanks for reading (and writing!)


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