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I'm kinda-just-here, a fangirl with a navy of ships. Some of my favorite things include:

Harry Potter Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Percy Jackson The Inheritance Cycle Throne of Glass Doctor Who Supernatural Psych Merlin Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist Sword Art Online the MCU any kind of music, really Crossovers. I really love crossovers... Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Maha Shojo Madoka Magica Angel Beats! Dangan Ronpa Seraph of the End/Owari no Seraph Future Diary/Mirai Nikki Tsuritama Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoshitsu

Some things I ship are:

Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione Hermione/Draco Dumbledore/Grindlewald Aragorn/Arwen Eowyn/Faramir Percy/Annabeth Eragon/Arya Amy/Rory Dean/Castiel Merlin/Arthur Eren/Levi Rin/Bon Rin/Izumo Kirito/Asuna Cecil/Carlos Hinata/Yui Naegi/Togami Yuu/Mika

But yeah, that's me. I'm also on Ao3 as kinda_just_here, and I can be found on Goodreads as Inigomontoya. Come say hi on Tumblr at or .

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