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PS: I am reading the reviews so I also am taking y'all advice so review and you'll get a improved story that is longer too.

the name is what I call myself in my youtube videos but if y'all want to find my youtube account search my real name Andrea Ellis.

Name: Andrea Ellis

Age: 17

Siblings: 2

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animals: Horses, Dogs, and Cats

Favorite genre: supernatural, horror, suspense or mysteries

I have started to rewrite A Different Divergent so if you've been reading that story start from the beginning again because it is all new. the idea is the same but it's just been completely re-written.

If you like what I write go check out my wattpad account Witchhunter2000 the story's are originals and I have multiple chapters pre- written. I have two story's on there currently and will be posting more at a later period in time. I am not forgetting y'all on here but I am super busy but I hope I'm able to get a chapter up soon.

I am in school right now so I don't have a lot of time to write and I also have been trying to write longer chapters so I'm sorry if your waiting but I will try to get chapters to y'all soon. I am no longer waiting for reviews but I will still ask that you leave comments with your thoughts and ideas.

I have no time anymore so please if you have ideas i need to know them now i will be trying to update all stories by my spring break this year but i may not have the time due to all the stuff i have started doing this year.

as I said I re-wrote a different Divergent. I got distracted from writing and have a lot going on. When I came back I realized the story needed a lot of help and I couldn't remember where exactly I was going so I started over. having switching perspectives gave away too much and left little to the imagination so I took it all and put it in to one perspective. with that opening up to possibilities I started again I hope you like what I've done with this story and it keeps you entertained.

PS then you hit with writers block the problem isn't always where you think it is. re-read the entire story and you might find it where you least expect it

I'm so sorry you guys have not heard from me for so long. after covid-19 hit my mom got it then I enlisted in the military.I've been in training since August so even though I would normally have time to write I haven't really. there's no excuse for leaving you guys hanging but I'm really sorry now seeing as I go home soon I'm going to try and update a lot more.

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