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I am well aware that I have no posted stories. I have several ideas and am working on more then one outline but none have gotten to the actual writing stage yet. Frankly my first few stabs were woefully below my own standards. Being raised a reader made me get used to critiquing and as it turns out I am far better at reading stories than writing them.

Personal Favorite Arenas are the Potterverse, Star Wars, Naruto, and crossovers of those 3 with other 'verses.

I hate canon Harry and Naruto. Fair warning. I have enjoyed very few stories following the goody-two-shoes main character build.

Potter Notes:

I came for a story with Magic. If I was looking for gunslinging and Bruce Lee-esque "Muggle" combat I would not be reading a story based in a world where Magic is real and central to the culture. Harry and company all learning to go through bad guys like Chuck Norris through the unbearded somewhat negates the purpose of their being able to use Magic. What the flip is the point of writing a Potter story where Muggle trumps Magic at every turn? At that point why bother having Magic in your story at all? I don't mind some physical struggles, but making it the central combat of your story? Bleagh. The deadly plot devices from hell: Truth Serum, Pensieves, and Binding Magical Oaths. The entirety of the 5th book should not have happened based solely on the existence of these devices. In a world where anyone can just prove their honesty by saying a few words and then "So mote it be" (really? who started the mote thing?) there is no need for trust, investigations, or any lasting character conflict. Eliminate these from your story or come up with something to make their use extremly dangerous. Maybe more then 2 doses of Veritaserum in a lifetime is lethal. Maybe only a master Legilimens can extract a memory. Maybe only a Master Occlumens can let a memory out. Maybe a soul can only give one binding magical oath in a lifetime. If you're going to have these things exist in your stories ADD LIMITS TO THEIR USE... too many stories are ruined by everybody being given Truth Potion for every statement or accusation, or being able to watch memories like its a television. To quote a great character: “The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.”

I have more but I'll put it up later.

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