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001.First name: Lisa

002. Middle name: Marie

003. Last name: Barfield

004. Nickname(s): Lis, Lily, Mary, Sabriel, Jennifer, Eesow

005. Gender: Female

006.Age: 18

007. Birthday: March 7th

008. Marital status: Single (cryyyy)

009. Hair color: Dark Brown

010. Eye color: Dark Brown

011. Heritage: Cajun French and Irish

012. Do you wear glasses or contacts: Glasses, contacts didn't work.

013. Do you have braces: Not anymore:D

014. Is your hair long or short: Short

015. Where were you born: Texas

016. Current location: Texas

017. Zodiac sign: Pisces

018. How many languages do you know: Two- English and some French.

019. Talents: Writing, Skating, Video Creation

020. Bad habits: Biting my nails, procrastination

021. Piercing you have: One in each earlobe.

022. Piercing you want: If ever another one, the nose.

023. Tattoos you have: None!

024. Tattoos you want: Simple black texting: "HOBBITS"

025. Today's date: June 24th, 2006

\line 026. The time: 1:47 PM

\line 027. Ready for a bunch more questions: Slow as hell, but yup!

. : Family : .

\line 028. Who do you live with: My parents and my little brother, Jeff.

029. Parents name(s): Leona and Charles

030. Step-parent's names, if any: none

031. Brother(s)'s name(s): points up Jeff.

032. Sister(s)'s name(s): none

033. Favorite aunt: Aunt Gaynell

034. Favorite uncle: Uncle Leonard

035. Favorite grandparent: Grandma Elsie

036. Worst relative: Not doing this one.

037. Best relative: Either Susan, my third cousin, or Jennifer, her daughter.

038. Do you get along with your parent(s): Sometimes.

. : Pets : .

039. Do you have any pets: Yes

040. What are their names: Jip and Pippin

041. What kind of animals are they: A crazy dog (Jip) and a crazy cat who thinks he's a dog (Pippin).

042. Do you want more animals: Yes.

043. What kind: A ferret.

044. What kind of pets have you had before: Another cat- Clancy.

. : School : .

045. Current grade: Freshman in college!

046. Favorite grade: 7th grade (when I met Leah) or 9th, when I passed everything with all b's and no c's.

047. Least favorite grade: 3rd grade. Got picked on A LOT.

048. Favorite teacher: Mrs. Guillory

049. Least favorite teacher: Mrs. Barry or Mrs. Pradt

050. Favorite subject(s): Video Technology, English

051. Least favorite subject(s): Math or Gym

052. Do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Both.

053. Play any sports on the school's team: Nope, I suck at everything but tennis and that's not professional for me.

054. Do/did you do any extracurricular activities: Choir, French Club, and Kickboxing

055. Are/were you popular: Not popular, but not unpopular.

056. Favorite dance: I dance crazy everytime- it's never the same.

057. Favorite memory: Meeting Leah.

058. Least favorite dance: points up

059. Least favorite memory: Dad yelling at me over math.

060.Most humiliating moment: Some popular kids were saying something about something and thought they said "M&M"s, so I pulled my random moment and went, "CANDY!". They weren't talking about M & M's.

. : Favorite : .

061. Number: 23

062. Clothing brand: Don't care.

063. Shoes: Booooooooooooooots!

064. Saying: "Wow." "Oyasumi. Elephants. Orange."

065. TV show: anime stuff, "Gilmore Girls", "Whose Line is it Anyways?"

066. Sport: Hockey\line 067. Vegetable: Brocolli(sp!)

068. Fruit: Cantalope and Apples

069. Movie: Waaaaaaay too many to choose from . But musicals rock.

070. Magazine: Teen Vogue (...) and TokyoPOP

071. Actor: Ewan McGregor

072. Actress: Sandra Bullock

073. Candy: York Patty Bites

074. Gum: Spearmint Extra

076. Candy bar: Three Musketeers

077. Ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

078. Color: Orange

079. Season: Fall

080. Holiday: Easter or Mother's Day

081. Band: Three Doors Down, Barenaked Ladies, Shedaisy, Dixie Chicks, Cynthia Thompson, Evanescence, Damien Rice

082. Singer: Too many to choose from.

083. Group: BEATLES!

084. Rapper: Rap... hurt me...

085. Type of music: Oldies, Rock, Metal (sometimes), Country (only occasionally), soundtracks

086. Things in your room: Laptop, bed, LOTR posters, desk, three bookshelves, boombox

087. Place to be: computer, my room, the PARK!

088. Radio station: 96.5 (Rock), 107.5 (Oldies)

089. TV channel: Cartoon Network, CBS

090. Junk food: Oreos, Fudge Rounds, Ice Cream, Potato Chips, Kool-Aid

091. Overall food: Jambalaya or Shrimp Scampi

092. Store: BARNES & NOBLE, Best Buy, FYE

094. Fast food: Mc Donalds

095. Restaurant: Casa Ole or Souper Salad

096. Shape: Star

097. Time of day: Early morning or Night

098. Country: London, France, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Japan

099. State: California

100. Boys name: Christopher, Ryo

101. Girls name: Julie, Kasey, Jennifer

102. Mall: Don't go much. Probably the galleria.

103. CD: Jason Mraz (anything), James Blunt: Back to Bedlam, Moulin Rouge (soundtrack, Lion King (soundtrack), Cats (soundtrack), Rent (soundtrack), Jo Dee Messina (anything)

104. Shampoo: Aussi, Suave

105. Board game: Life, Clue, Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, Cranium

106. Computer game: World of Warcraft, Sims Online, SOLITAIRE!

107. Car: a Bug Volkswagon or my lovely CHEVROLET MALIBU!

108. Music video: "Bad Day"- Daniel Powter

109. Swear word: crap

110. Word: twilight

111. Month: October

112. Cartoon character: Ed (Full Metal Alchemist), Hakkai (Saiyuki), Yuuto (Hands Off!), Dark (Dn Angel), Jack (Xiaolin Showdown), Axel (KH2)

113. Scary movie: Gothika

114. Team: I'm not athletically literate.

115. Possession: my stories, other fandom writing and art, Leah's stuff to me, animes and mangas, fooood, my rings\par
. : What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear.. : .

116. Eminem: candy (blush)

117. Dog: Jip

118. Hot: Summer

119. Britney Spears: ...swimming suits that fall off people's asses

120. Nsync: good

121. Real World:

122. Orange: eeeeeeeee! (happiness)

123. Choice: Wheel of Fortune

124. Backstreet Boys: Larger than Life

125. Whipped Cream: yuuuuuuuuuum

126. Black: goth's lips

127. ICQ: IQ\line 128. Insane Clown Posse: my stomach hurting

129. Linkin Park: don't have a thought. sad.

130. Jack: cute men

131. Rainbow: "Rainbow of pain! A whole SPECTRUM..." (CN show)

132. Money: green paper

133. Cucumber: green... fruit

134. Shark: scary teeth

135. Lifehouse: my grandmother

136. Bat: Batman Begins

137. Leather: SEXY MEN

138. Whip: orcs

139. America:

140. Water: dreams

141. Volcano: hot hot hot

. : This or that : .

142. Rock or rap: Rock

143. Rock or pop: ...both.

144. Rock or r&b: Rock

145. Rock or metal: Rock

146. Rap or pop: Pop

147. Rap or r&b: Rap

148. Rap or metal: Metal

149. Pop or r&b: Pop

150. Pop or metal: ...both.

151. R&b or metal: Metal

152. Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit: Linkin Park

153. Tool or Korn: Korn

154. Selena or Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez

155. Fast or slow: Fast

156. Winter or summer: Winter

157. Spring or fall: Fall

158. Shakira or Britney: Shakira

159. ICP or Eminem: ...Eminem.

160. Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie: ...Marilyn.

161. Kittie or Garbage: Kittie

162. MTV or Vh1: VH1

163. Buffy or Angel: Buffy

164. Dawson's Creek or Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girls!

165. Football or basketball: Basketball

166. Summer olympics or winter olympics: Winter

167. Skiing or snowboarding: Snowboarding

168. Rollarblading or skateboarding: Rollerblading

169. Black or white: White

170. Orange or red: Orange

171. Yellow or green: Green

172. Purple or pink: Pink

173. Slipknot or Mudvayne: Slipknot

174. Hot Topic or Pac Sun: Hot Topic

175. Inside or outside: Inside

176. Weed or alcohol: neither

177. Cell phone or pager: Cell phone

178. Pen or pencil: Pen

179. Powerpuff Girls or Charlie's Angels: Powerpuff Girls

180. Scooby Doo or Dino: Neither

181. Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon: Lol... "I want to be the very best... that noone ever was!" Old memories. sigh

182. Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars

183. Tattoos or piercings: Tatoos

184. Prep or punk: Punk

185. Slut or whore: Slut

. : Private life : .

186. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No...

187. Do you have a crush: Yes.

188. Who is it: A guy who doesn't like me back. :D End of story.

189. Have you ever been in love: No. Unless you count Jake... mmm, maaaaaaaaan.

190. Have you ever fallen out of love: No.

191. How many hearts have you broken: Two.

192. How many people broke your heart: no one yet.

193. Best quote to sum up love: Step 1: I get him. Step 2: I get scared. Stepe 3: It falls apart.

194. What is your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush like: Sweet. Athletic. Funny. Very smexy.

195. Do you have a picture of him/her: Technically, yes.

196. Do you have a picture of yourself: Yes...

197. Do you go by looks or personality: Both, but more on personality.

198. Ever kiss a friend: Yes, my past boyfriends have been friends.

199. Are you still friends: Yes. Well. at least with Alex.

200. Moving you smoke: nope. i have pretty lungs!

201. Do you smoke weed: No.

202. Ever trip on acid: No.

203. How about a little sex: I'm trying to keep away from it before I'm married.

204. Crack, heroin, anything else: No.

205. Beer good or beer bad: Ick ick ick.

206. Are you the sissy who drinks Wine Coolers: No.

207. Do you like Smirnoff Ice: No.

208. Prefer beer or liquor: Ick ick ick.

209. What kind of cigarettes do you smoke: none

.: Would you ever.. : .

210. Bungee jump: YES

211. Sky dive: YES

212. Swim with dolphins: no

213. Scuba dive: ...maybe.

214. Go rock climbing: YES

215. Eat crap for $1,000,000: no.

216. Turn your back on your friends for personal gain: NO!

217. Steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.

218. Cross-dress: It's a laughable urge. But no.

219. Lie to the police: no

220. Run from the police: Some good that got my friend into. NO.

221. Lie to your parents: Yeah...

222. Walk up to a stranger and kiss them: ...yes.

223. Be an exotic dancer: no

224. Walk out of a restaurant without paying: NO. Unless by accident.

225. Streak: no. unless you're talking skinny-dipping.\par

. : Your friends : .

226. Best friend: Leah Lewert

227. Known longest: Amanda

228. Wish you talked to more: Amanda

229. Wish you saw more: LEAH!

230. How many friends do you think you have: Quite a few actually. Makes me happy.

231. Who drives you insane after a while: Karen. Not the Amanda-Karen!

232. Who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: Leah

233. Ever lose a good friend because you took that to the 'next level': ...maybe Ivan.

234. Can always make you laugh: Leah or Carlee

235. Stupidest: not answering this one

236. Most impatient: don't know

237. Shortest: Yey for Leah!

238. Loudest:, if you count me as a friend. If not... Karen.

240. Nicest: all of them.

241. Best personality: hmmmm, Carlee

242. Biggest drug user: Hmmm, don't know. I don't really have any friends who do that.\par

. : Have you ever.. : .

243. Flashed someone: No.

244. Told the person you liked how you felt: Yes. Mistaaaaakes.

245. Been to Michigan: No. sniff

246. Gotten really REALLY wasted: Nope. Never drunk.

247. Gone to jail or juvi: No.\line 248. Skateboarded: I suck.

249. Skinny dipped: No. sniff

250. Stolen anything: No... except for those skittles my mum had when I was six.

251. Wanted to kick my butt for making this so long: YES!

252. Kicked someone's butt: No.

253. Pegged someone in the head with a snowball: Jeff.

254. Broke a beer bottle: Nope.

255. Gotten into a bar, under-aged: Yes, but I walked right out.

256. Kissed someone of the same sex: No.

257. Flipped someone off: Nope.

258. Gone on a road trip: YES! IN CALIFORNIA!

259. Gone on vacation without adult supervision: no

260. Been to a concert: Yes

261. Been to another country: YES! Belize and France.

262. Talked back to an adult: Yeah...

263. Got pulled over: I did when my cousin was driving.

264. Got in a car accident: Nope. Almost though. shiver

265. Stolen money from your parents: Nope!

266. Given money to a homeless person: Yup!

267. Tried to kill yourself: Nope.

268. Cried to get out of trouble: Nope.

269. Stolen drugs from someone: Nope. I'm cleeeeeean! Always have been.\par

. : Opinions : .

270. Gay marriage: For.

271. Vegetarians: Not my choice. It's theirs. So whatever.

272. What do you think about pop music: J-pop rocks. A-pop can be okay... sometimes.

273. About boy bands: For.

274. About flag burning: Against.

275. Of the war on terrorists: Against.

276. About suicide: Hurts too many people. Against.

277. About people who try to force their opinions on you: Against

278. About abortion: Depends.

279. About rock/metal music: YEYYYYYYY

280. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: California, hopefully working music videos... if not, Canada or Japan. Or up north.

281. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: All. ESPECIALLY LEAH.

. : What did you do.. : .

282. Last birthday: Went to Florida.

283. Yesterday: College orientation, computer, dinner

284. Last weekend: Computer. Chores. Laid around.

285. Christmas: Went to gramma's Opened presents. Chowed down.

286. Thanksgiving: Aaaaaaaaaaaate.

287. New year's Eve: Opened sparkling cider with Leah, wrote, and watched LOTR and The Outsiders.

288. Halloween: Spent my last year of trick-or-treating.

289. Easter: Candy, church, candy, lunch, bed.

290. Valentine's day: School. And was miserable so went out with mom to laugh at couples at the mall.

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