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Hola a todos!/Hi everyone!

Que onda gente! Aqui TJMike reportandose! Como sea, usualmente encontraran las ultimas novedades referentes a mis historias en esta pagina. Sientanse libres de comentar sobre cualquiera de ellas, ya sea via PM o directamente una review.

Sup people! This is TJMike cheking in! Whatever, here you'll find the latest news regarding my stories on the site. Feel free to share your thoughts on them by reviewing or PM.

Current Projects

Phoenix Journal Saga : This one is planned to be a series of four 'Books', telling the story of Velkan Santino, the Last Phoenix, as he involves in the lives of a certain group of monsters in Yokai Academy, and in the intrigues developed within the Gremory group. RosarioVampire/Highschool DxD Crossover. (On Hold for now)

Persona 3 Remix(es) : Traduccion de la historia de EternalCombOver. Minato Arisato empieza su aventura en la ciudad de Iwatodai. Añadanle nuevos Social Links, personajes de otros juegos de la serie Shin Megami Tensei, y el resultado puede ser una historia aun mas interesante que el juego original. (Sin resentimientos Atlus, xD) (En progreso)

Dark Souls: Lords of the First Flame: A side project telling the story of DS I from the perspective of a knight of Berenike, whose unit was ambushed on it's way to a very important audience with Lord Gwyn. Now, he's been trapped in an Undead Asylum in the Northern Lands. And his journey begins there... (Rewrite incoming)

Against all Darkness: The story behind Darkest Dungeon. Robert Stanford, the last Heir of the Hamlet, is trying ot assemble a team of people with very specific skills. They, he hope, will help him to fight against an evil his Ancestor awakened many years ago in his futile search for the forbidden knowledge and power. Will he be able to win the battle against all darkness and leave with his mind intact after facing the horrors of the... Darkest Dungeon? (Reimagined and waiting rewrite)

Writers on Fanfiction.net I personally recommend.

A.G. Fanfics - The author of the RosarioVampire: Brightest Darkness series. This guy was my initial inspiration to start writing. He has written many stories but the one I mentioned was the one who make me want to write some of the stories I had already planned, and reading RV:BD was the little push I needed to make Burning Cold possible.

Anime PJ - Author of Freshman at Yokai. One of my first contacts on this site, he was one of the first people to whom I showed the first attempts of chapter.

ParradoxUniverse - Author of the Death at Kuoh Academy series. She's been a huge support to me, giving me some useful tips and advices every now and then. We also share ideas about characters and/or plot in our respective stories.

EternalCombOver - Author of Persona 3 Remix. His story inspire me to start develop my own fictions, not to mention his work is without a doubt one of the best out there based on the SMT universe.

Crit Fail - Author of A New Hope and mastermind behind the Legacy of Despair series for the Danganronpa fandom. A big thanks to this guy for letting me be a part of this crazy AU with my next story, Labyrinthos of Dread (you can check out the Character Profile section down below if you want to submit your OC)

Thank you to all the people I didn't mentioned right now.

Proyectos a Futuro (Sigo en ello xD)

Voy a ir directo al punto. Empeze con esto de escribir porque me encantaron las fandoms en las que se basan mis historias, y me comenze a preguntar que tanto cambiaria el final de dichas fandoms si pudiera cambiar un pequeño detalle, o contar los eventos transcurridos de un modo diferente. Mucho del material que tengo listo sigue sin ser posteado en el sitio [y mas recientemente, muchas de ellas fueron borradas o eliminadas debido a circunstancias ajenas a mi (pinche laptop mierda)]. Pero ya comenze el camino hacia la reconstruccion, escribiendo nuevas historias, y mientras exploraba nuevas fandoms me di cuenta de algo.

Tuve la idea de un multi-crossover masivo. Mundos como los de Dishonored, Bloodborne o Darkest Dungeon podrian existir en el mismo universo y, con la ayuda de algunos Betas, formar parte de una historia coherente, a diferencia de muchos de los crossovers que he visto en el sitio (sin ofender a nadie, claro).

En fin, la razon de toda esta blabladuria por mi parte es para anunciar que puede que me tome algun tiempo antes de terminar la primer historia de este 'Verso', como he decidido llamarlo, antes de empezar a publicar sus capitulos de manera regular.

Estas son algunas de las historias en las que estoy trabajando actualmente:

Dark Souls - De Brasas y Cenizas

Destiny - Las Leyendas se Alzan

Bloodborne - La Noche de la Caceria

Darkest Dungeon - Herencia de las Pesadillas

The Holders - Busqueda Eterna

Dishonored - Black Sparrows (esta demasiado genial como para traducer el titulo lol)

Dead by Daylight - En el Nombre de la Locura

RWBY - Cronicas de DUSQ

Call of Duty Zombies (zombies de Treyach, por cierto)- Versos de una Odisea Multidimensional

Y una historia mas -que nada tiene que ver con este crossover- se anexa a esta lista. Esta historia forma parte del universo alterno de Danganronpa: Legacy of Despair, creado por Crit Fail.

Labyrinthos of Dread

Pueden revisar mas abajo por la forma para aplicar a sus OCs y mandarmelos para tener la oportunidad de que aparescan en esta historia.

Future Projects (Working on it xD)

So... I'm gonna be straight with ya'll. I began writing because I loved the original fandoms to which I write for, and wondered how the end of such stories could have gone differently if I were to change some minor details or tell certain events in a different way. Much of the material I have on store is still unpublished [and recently, many of them were deleted by circumstances foreign to me (stupid laptop!)]. But I'm currently writing new stuff, and while I was writing some of this new tales and exploring new fandoms I realized something.

I had the idea of a massive multi-crossover. Fandoms such as Dishonored, Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon could actually exist in the same universe and, with the help of some Betas, made actual sense into a coherent story and not just scrapped together.

Anyways, the reason behind all this babbling on my part is to announce that it may take sometime until I complete the first story of this 'Verse', as I've decided to call, and then proceed to upload the chapters on a regular schedule.

Some of the fandoms/stories I'm working on are:

Dark Souls - Of Cinders and Ashes

Destiny - Rise of Legends

Bloodborne - Night of the Hunt

Darkest Dungeon - Eldritch Heiritage

The Holders - Endless Search

Dishonored - Black Sparrows

Dead by Daylight - In the Name of Madness

RWBY - Chronicles of DUSQ

Call of Duty Zombies - Verses of a Multidimensional Crusade

And another story has been added to the list -and has nothing to do with this crossover. This one is part of the Legacy of Despair series, created by Crit Fail.

Labyrinthos of Dread

You can check out below for the application form so you can send over your OCs.

Character Profile for Labyrinthos of Dread (Ill be using Crit's standard requirements with a slight modification)


Full Name:







Blood Type:


Hair Color:

Hair Style/Length:

Eye Color:

Skin Tone:

Body Type:

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks:



Normal Clothing:

Exercise Clothing:




Character Traits:


Greatest Fears: (In addition to their greatest fear, try to add some details of how the character deals with this fear on their daily lives. Say your character is afraid of puppies. What reaction would elicit from them if they were thrown in a room full of puppies?)






Friendships/Enemies: (What sort of people would your character be able to befriend and get along with, and conversely who would they have trouble getting with or loathe? How well do they work with others?)

Romance: (Are you alright seeing your character fall in love? If so I just need to know and what would compel them?)


History: (You can make this a paragraph or a page long. I just need enough to know how your character became the person they are. What shaped them? What drives them?)

People of note: (Does your character have any important friends and or family outside of the killing game? Or just important characters in their life?)

Secrets: (I need this from EVERYONE. There needs to be that one skeleton in your closet, that you'd lament getting out.)


Reason why your character could kill: (Not everyone will have a straightforward reason. Just give me something to work with. Is there some secret? Some person in their lives that could be used to motivate them? Are they impulsive or hot-headed? Giving me an answer doesn't mean your character will be a blackened, but it does give me more to work with character-wise.)

Preferred role in the Game: (Protagonist, Victim, Survivor, Mastermind, or something else entirely?)

Reaction to the Killing Game: (Self-explanatory, but give me a general sense or even some sample dialogue of how they would handle this)

Reaction to discovering a body: (Self-explanatory, but give me a general sense or even some sample dialogue of how they would handle this)

Reaction to being accused as the blackened: (Self-explanatory, but give me a general sense or even some sample dialogue of how they would handle this.)


Quotes: (About 4-5 lines for this one. Mostly just to know how the character speaks usually)

FTE: (If you have any ideas for your character to explore in free time with someone, please share them with me. It can be something simple or very serious and complex. The more the merrier)

Introduction: (How would they first introduce themselves to someone else?)


Execution Ideas: (Optional)

MISC: (Anything else you wish to share.)

List of own OCs within the Legacy of Despair AU and it's spin-offs, started by Crit Fail.

Alejandra Garcia (House of Horrors, by Crit Fail) Complete

Frieda Renner (Tomb of Misery, by PettyPunk) In-Progress

Diego Garcia (Isle of the Damned, by TheCelestialSkyDragon) In-Progress

Marcus Decimus Magnus VII (Sanguine Hearts, by Alter Ego AV) In-Progress

Daniela Gomez (Prisons of the Past, by Magus1108) TBA

I probably update this page another time again but for now this will be all. Thanks for passing by and taking the time to read it!

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