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Hello, my name is Hikers123. By now, most of my readers know me for my Humphrey's Darker Side fanfiction story within the Alpha and Omega section. It is no longer my main focus.


My first story is about Humphrey awhile after the uniting of the packs, but in this world, Kate goes through with marrying Garth. So Humphrey did leave after that on the train. You will have to read to find out more. (Humphrey's Darker Side) -Alpha and Omega The style of this story was inspired from many of SOAD songs including, Sugar, Dreaming, and (strangely enough) Johnny. I often listen to those as well as other music of the same genre. The story-plot was mainly inspired by Zebiax's When a Wolf Walks Alone. I loved his idea for Humphrey's Feral having it's own demon-type side. I haven't been able to contact Zebiax, but the ideas were the whole reason for what Humphrey's Darker Side has become. My second story is about Kate and Humphrey after all five movies. How will this long-lasting relationship hold up? (Opposites Attract) -Alpha and Omega This story doesn't really have an inspiration, but I like to put a whole other mood on this one. Here, I listen to the calmer music, as highly seen between the mood of Humphrey's Darker Side and this one. My third story is about cunning fox Nick Wilde. While on a case, he is unknowingly shot with an unknown chemical. This chemical causes him to pass out, waking in a different existence where predators are forced to wear shock collars. Once escaping the clutches of this world, will anyone believe him? (The Rift) -Zootopia This story also does not have much of an "inspiration". To be honest, it literally came to me in a dream. A special aspect of this story is how much more I put into each chapter. Unlike it's predecessors, this story will have longer, higher quality, chapters. My fourth story is again about Nick Wilde, but not how one would expect it. There is only so much torment one can take before his or her mind starts to break. And at that point, they are just left to wonder, "What is Real?" (What is Real) -Zootopia Not much inspiration besides surfing the internet. My latest idea is an Alpha and Omega story called "Bloodlines", where Alpha versus Omega again plays a role for Kate and Humphrey. (Bloodlines) -Alpha and Omega This story's inspiration originates from an idea I scrapped when writing early chapters of Humphrey's Darker Side as well as Opposites attracts.


My first One-Shot/Short is going to be an Alpha and Omega story. (Coming very soon)

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