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Irusha the Kitsune PM
Joined Jul '15

I'm Irusha Wiskai! But You can call me The Dark Kitsune

I'm FaravusGaming on Wattpad. I plan on publishing stories both here, and there.

Wattpad Profile Link: https:///user/FaravusGaming

Beta-reader of Fox in the Leaf and A Fury's Journey by Fanreader26!

Name: Just call me Irusha! Or 'Ruru/Ru-chan' if you want~ My real name is secret though, a sneaky, mischievous Kitsune like me is too smart to just give you my real name~

Gender: Male (unless I decide to be female for an A/N skit) And yes... It is confusing since my OC is female

Age: Not telling you that so easily... What kind of Kitsune would I be if I did that~?

Most of my stories were on Wattpad until I unpublished them (Because I'm moving them over to here)

Species: A Kitsune, of course~

You'll get to know me through my A/N skits! And for those wondering, yes, Keen Eyes of the Fox is a crossover. It just isn't actively shown until the Second Arc And no, it won't be updated until I finish the Prequel!


Keen Eyes of the Fox: An RWBY fanfic, scheduled to come back whenever I feel like it

Naruto: The Mask Falls: Scheduled soon-ish

Undertale: The Pain of DETERMINATION(?) (Not too sure on the title.): IN PROGRESS! This is my current focus~!

My challenge fic is on indefinite hold until I finish writing the stories I'm working on!

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