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Heyo Welcome to my profile. I'd been on this site for years and made a couple stories. Majority of such are deleted for good, because of how terrible they were. I have recently restarted my old Kingdom of Earth story, in favor of the much cooler sounding King of God's remake. Which will be bigger and better.

Basic Information

Sex: I'm a dude


Likes: Reading Fanfiction (I'm sorta ashamed how often I read fanfiction), Playing Video games, Hanging out with my friends, watching YouTube, History

Dislikes: Labor, busy work, general boring stuff, politics, deadheads who bring in their political opinions every conversation.

Dreams: Dunno. I'm going to college for something, probably about History

Now for this next bit I'm going to write things that I could definitely improve in my writing

-Female Characters: I'll be honest. I don't have a lot- no scratch that, any experience with women so I don't think I can accurately depict women well.

-Grammar somewhat: I still can't tell when I'm supposed to use a semicolon.

- A fight scene: Honestly the few times I tried they just seemed to flat. Maybe with practice I'll get better.

-Consitency: I always have had problems keeping a schedule and planning long term

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