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Ok, I've decided to update this because I am very bored. Unfortunately, I'm still 12 and have a little bit to wait, but i guess I can live with it! Anyways, I seem to have gotten very comfortable with writing about anything I want in my stories and my fans don't mind it either. As long as the reviews keep comin, I'll keep writin...I'm really hoping you caught my drift there.

As ya'll know, I'm from Florida and whatever, you know the rest if you remember. I try to keep my updates coming at a steady pace, but sometimes it's really hard trying to get them done because softball has just started up again and it's crazy. Especially when you're me and you have a LOT of homework! Geeze, I just wish teachers would calm down sometimes with the load of homework every day. Ok, I will shut up now and just write the usual things that you see in profiles that have stuff you like and dislike. Please notice some of the changes.

Favorite Male Wrestlers

1.John Cena-he will always be at the top of my list because he's the coolest most hottest wrestler ever!

2.Randy Orton-he's still hot and all but somehow he's really starting to get on my nerves. That doesn't mean that I won't write about him though!

3.Batista-I love him, I love him, I love him! Hmmm...I should put him above Randy next time.

4.Kane-love the chokeslam he gave Trish.

5.Edge-I don't know what keeps me liking him...I just do.

I should mention that I'm only listing five even though I love a lot of them.

Male Wrestlers I Hate

1.JBL-This man is an ass and I've never liked him...just a little when he was plain Bradshaw.

2.Gene Snitsky-Ugh...he's just weird as hell.((ugly as well)) haha that rhymed!

3.Booker T-naaa...he's a heffer.

4.Tyson Tomko-hahaha I call him the goat man! If you know what I mean because of his...ugh nevermind ya'll don't care.

5.Simon-what's his face is just an idiot...I really hope he knows he has a role on him!

Favorite Divas

1.Lita-obviously, she's the best damn wrestler ever!

2.Trish Stratus-i've decided I like her because she plays her role well. Plus, she kicks ass as well.

3.Jackie-She's an awesome wrestler, I just wish Smackdown! wouldn't make her look like a woosy fighter because she kicked a hell of a lot of ass on Raw!

4.Stacy-can't fight...but she still rules.

5.Christy-don't say she's not a fighter because I have a feeling there's a story line that's gonna make her famous!

Divas I hate

1.Dawn Marie-ya'll can get mad at for calling her a slut, but seriously she is and she can't even wrestle! I know some of you might say o you should go up against her, but no offense to her I probably could beat her up from all the muscle I get from softball!

2.Torrie Wilson-I love the woman but please, she does not even know how to wrestle, and even if she does, she really needs to get on her knees and beg to actually be shown as a wrestler instead of some damsel in distress.

3.Hmmm...never mindI don't have anybody else.

Fave Food

Anything that's yummy.

Don't have any time, I'll update this later! But I should reccommend ya'll to read this really good story called "Strong" by john+randys cute-lil psycho! It's really good!

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