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Joined Jul '15

Hello to everyody who decided to check out my profile!

In advance: thank you for that *bows*

So first off some info about me:

I'm a girl

I'm a student

I love all kinds of cookies

And before my fellow D. Gray-man fans start throwing stuff at me: No, the Walker in my name is not in any way related to Allen Walker (his voice is definitly NOT annoying), it's just the name I gave the little voice inside my head (Is that weird? Ehh, whatever *shruggs*).

My favorite shows/cartoons/animes/mangas/books include D.Gray-man, Fullmetal Alchemist, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, any fairy tale and of course Wakfu. I'm currently writing a continuation for that last one, but... I'm slow. Like, really slow. And I'll warn you now dear reader, if you decide to read any multi-chapter story of mine, be prepared for long waits and sporadic updates. But rest assured I won't give my stories up that quickly ;)

I'll be happy about any kind of reviews to something I post :)

Until then *mock salute*

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