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Hi you can call me Met. I work as a freelance artist and I love to write in my spare time. Writing and world building is one of my biggest passions and I hope to publish a novel one day. FanFiction is an escape for me and a chance to practice my writing skills. I have been writing since the age of 13, driven by my experiences throughout my life.

One of my biggest reasons for turning to writing and art was because of having the experience of dealing with bad and manipulative friends throughout my life, dating back since primary school days. I isolated myself from the world and lost myself in creativity instead to escape how people I thought were friends treated me and as a result I love to build up crazy worlds and stories through my favourite characters still to this day, especially ones that keep me going. Others couldn't understand me for that, or simply judged me and ultimately they weren't worth anything to me in the end. Writing and art is my sanctuary.

I hope you enjoy my works although some I will likely not complete or have discontinued. I love to explore lots of different themes but I enjoy writing about dark themes and angst the most. Most of my work contains mature themes.

My top 3 fandoms I enjoy writing for are Lilo and Stitch, Invader Zim and Astro Boy. Some of my other favourite fandoms include Doctor Who, Beastars, Powerpuff Girls, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Steven Universe. I probably will not write stories for these fandoms as it does not interest me enough to. I tend to write stories only for characters I personally 'click' with.

I am a Mewtwo fan, although I probably will not continue my Mewtwo based stories for now.

I love to talk about head-canons and world-building. If you want to talk to me over discord about my stories or works you can contact me in notes here or at the following:



I try to update frequently, however at the moment my focus is only on #Error 626.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Halted (will most likely never complete - apologies!)
The Stitch Files
A Different Point of View
A New Arrival (May update?)
Behind Cloaked Freedom (Completely scrapped)

Newer Stories

Camp Cramp (In progress - updates scarce)
Beauty and the Beast (Might updates soon)
Taken For Granted (Complete)

Current Focus

Error #626 (New! - in progress)
DoppelganGIR (New! - in progress)

Why Should We Suffer In Silence? (Revamping as of 2019 - in progress)

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