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Hey, what's up!

Anyways, about me:

Real Name: Cheridan
Age: 17!
Favorite Anime(s): Full Metal Alchemist, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Pokemon (that doesn't leave this website), Samurai Champloo, and others.
Least Favorite Anime(s): S-cry-ed (how the heck do you pronounce that?)
Favorite Music: Anything that sounds good, and I only choose one rap song a month to like if any good ones come out.
Favorite Color: Green
Least Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Movie: Howl's Moving Castle, Kakurenbo, The Last King of Scotland (do not watch if you have a weak stomach), Children of Men
Favorite Anime Characters: Edward Elric, Izumi, Spike, Mihoshi, Sokka, and a lot of others.
Pet Peeves: How come there's hardly any black people in anime? I mean, I know black people obessed with anime, and they can't even see one of their own on the shows they watch! And what is up wait yaoi pairings like Roxas and Axel, and Ed and Roy, and Harry and Draco, and other little nasty pairings? Can't two guys be best friends and enemies without having to be secret lovers? Stop it! It's disgusting! My dislike also extends to the little girls who come up with those pairings. WHAT'S WRONG WITH HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS!?


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