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Welcome to my profile!

The following fandoms I'll be writing for:

UtaPri, BNHA, Yuri On Ice, Haikyuu, D.Gray-Man, maybe original stories too [ignore my 2015 fetus story... Not my proudest invention]

I have a fear with publishing stories... Uh... Please continue to be very patient with me...?

My fanfictions consist mainly of homosexual male pairings. I do not own the best literary skills such as writing out emotions and environments and whatever else thoroughly/descriptively/sensationally. I also have a bit of a difficult time with wording out things, tenses (past, present, future), and some spelling (even after it goes through multiple spell checks). I hope that you'll still enjoy my fictions regardless of my struggles.

Reviews of any kind are welcomed here. Praise, neutral, and even a bit of hatred (as long as it's maturely informative); I like the constructive criticism.

Although with all due respect, please refrain from advising me to contact a "beta reader"... It is my job to fix my own mistakes, not theirs.

This is not necessarily an ask for criticism, but rather an option for you to go about if you happen to read my stories.

「Where I also post my fanfictions (username is the same): 」

Fanfiction[dot]net & Wattpad

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