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Greetings to those who somehow stumbled upon my profile (Don't know why) but if you are still reading this then you may as well read the rest of this.

Gender: Female (Shocking i know)

Age: Adult (All you need to know)

Likes: I like a a lot of things such as manga, anime, music, fanfics, nightime, videogames and such. Oh and i am a huge fan of Souls series.

Hobbies: Well my current hobbies are kendo and Krav Maga... I am quite proficient with bow and guns. (Huh, these make me look so boyish...)

So after a long time of recovery from my surgery, I am now allowed to try my Black belt test. My skills are rusty at this time so I'll wait some time and train :)

I swear these are about the only things i do in my free time.

Favorite things: Souls series, Yuri

Little bits about me: Well to start of my thought processes can be a bit dark. Like really dark.

More to be added later... maybe. When i have time.

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