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Hello! As my name implies, I'm just your average neighborhood cat lady with a few minor twists.

Some random facts about me:

  • I'm Young/Old! depending who you ask.

  • As of 2017 I'm 24. 2018 and I'm already a whole quarter centry now. 25 years old.

  • I'm married! June 10, 2017 Abandoned by my husband. He calls it "Separated, until divorce." July 25, 2018. Most cat ladies are portrayed as spinsters.

  • I can't knit or croshet! though I've tried.

  • I don't even have a cat. but I did. I had many.

  • I have a sassy 3 dollar betta fish in a 300 dollar aquarium and I have three show bettas 50 dollars each in 3 dollar bowls. lol wut.

  • My current favorite parring is Tomione, Fenrir/Hermione, but I'll pretty much read anything but Ron. Well... eventually I will run out of things and I will HAVE to go back and read Ron. But I am very Hermione centric, cause she is so versitile and can be written into many different roles easily.

    My Favorites are and not in any order:

  • Tom

  • Draco

  • Severus

  • Fenrir

  • Anyone but Ron!

  • I can handle dark fics.

    In fact its more that I enjoy a moderate level of darkness, but no slash, or femslash.

    Ideas I have but wont write cause I hate writing. But I love reading, so If you like an idea, just let me know (cause I need to read it, duh!) and put credit in an authors note or something


    Tomione- a multi chapter story based off the song by Lisa Ekdahl Ane Brun - "When" on the album Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile (2009). lyrics are on Google. a direct copy and paste of lyrics are forbidden, it must be sutble. in the same style as Starkidftw's Story: Shut Up and Dance. which is super amazing and I highly recmmend to those who like dramione.

    Remus/Hermione-AU where Remus gets a puppy and on the way out of the shelter, even before he gets named the puppy gets into trouble causing Remus to shout "Are you SERIOUS?!" While the puppy looks so proud of himself for his mischiff,and while looking so adorable he attracts the attention of ladies one of which is Hermione who mistakenly thinks the puppys name IS Sirius and helps resolve whatever problem the puppy has caused. Thus the Puppy has been named. Magic may or may not exist. but Sirius Black is the dog and not the person. there may have been a female black in stead, or he wasn't born, or what ever you like.

    Disclaimer: I have nothing against anyone who participates or enjoyes in any way those activities, I just don't find myself relating to the relationships in the stories as well, and most have butt stuff, which scares the living daylights out of me. plz dont argue with me on this. this is my personal belief as it stands right now. and yes, it may change, but it hasn't yet. thanks!

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