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Not one to really get stuck into things like Twitter, I recently signed up, if only to share in the boredom of my days at work. Feel free to check out my page (tweet?) http://twitter.com/moonyNZI get bored easily, which means I'm currently addicted to letting everyone know of that pic = Sirius' bike. 1979 Harley Davidson FLH sportster

Name: If you're privileged enough you will know this already. Or you may soon find out. Impress me and I might sign my reviews or messages differently. For the rest of you, Moony will suffice (I've had that penname for so long now I don't even think of Remus when I read it).

Nationality: Kiwi. In other words, New Zealander. Or someone from New Zealand, that tiny South Pacific nation at the bottom of the planet (Yes, there are two hemispheres).

Job (when there is actually work...): Archaeologist. Yep, you read that right. I'll leave you with visions of fedora's and whips and not actually let you in on how different archaeology may be in the real world.

Obsessions (There are a few)

Lost - I can't get enough of this show, it's brilliant and creative and anyone who says they don't watch it because it's too complicated is insane. AND for those that care, in BoR when Hermione landed in 1977, there was a bright flash of blinding light. This was BEFORE the time-travelling-bright-flashes-of-blinding-light appeared in Lost. I'm awesome.

James 'Sawyer' Ford - Sigh I want one... Please?...or, can you at least give Juliet back to him...Please?

Harry Potter - Self explanatory really ;)

Lord of the Rings - This is probably my top obsession. I've spent much well earned money on collectibles as well as countless movie tickets. AND flights to Wellington NZ for the world premier (didn't get to see it, just camped on the red carpet for about 12 hours). Have to do another weekend Marathon at some stage

Doctor Who- I can't get over David Tennant's cheeky grin :) I also have a TARDIS (complete with Doctor) on my wishlist...

Stargate - I can't help it, I love my sci-fi

Pairings I write

Sirius/Hermione - The only one I've written, and may possibly be the only one I will ever write
Okay...so little fib. I do have a Charlie/Hermione story now...though technically it is a tragedy/friendship category.

Pairings I read

Sirius/Hermione- Ahhhh Sirius. You black haired god you. On that note, most of the stories I will follow will be post Hogwarts. I may be old fashioned but while Hermione is still at school she's just too young for Sirius (unless of course its a time-turner fic).
Remus/Hermione - I prefer Hermione with Sirius, but a well written Remus comes in second place
Remus/Hermione/Sirius - In any way shape or form as long as it's well written - There needs to be more of these
Remus/Tonks- Always been a fan, even before Half Blood Prince was released (Yes, I admit, I squeeled like a fan-girl when I read the end)
Hermione/Bill - As I can't imagine Hermione with anyone her own age, and Bill fits in nicely with Hermione joining the Weasley family
Hermione/Charlie - As above

John/Elizabeth - Stargate Atlantis.

Authors whose work I suggest you read - most have multiple stories, try getting through them all - I would link them, but I seem to be technically unable to process such a task...

R J Lupin's Kat
Kiss This

And for a good laugh: The Golden Duo 22

Just a small note.

I've been asked in the past a few times who I picture when I write Sirius. Now, I love Gary Oldman, and think he's fantastic as Sirius, but no matter how I try I don't picture him as the Sirius I write. That privilege goes to Viggo Mortensen, more specifically Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn from The Lord of The Rings. It makes sense that one of my favourite characters from one obsession is the face of one from my other. sigh . I want one...

Current one-shots

Most of my inspiration for my one shots comes in flashes as I'm listening to my ipod. So if you know the song that matches the title of the story, your enjoyment will be greatly increased ;) And you may even have a new music video to go with the song.

For example: Listening to We Are the Champions by Queen: Picture this. The Gryffindor Common room in celebration. Harry, Hermione and Ron completely plastered, singing at the top of their lungs while Remus and Sirius watch on amused, adamant they never looked that silly when they were teenagers (because honestly, Sirius just oozes sex that he can never look silly...if he did it would be sexy). Oh, and Remus and Sirius they always barge into my stories. It's not my fault.

Bed of Roses

Because BoR was my first story it is far from perfect, it never will be...
However, I tend to cringe when I read much of it, not for the plot, but for the spelling and the grammar, and the fact that I seem to have a phobia of commas. SO ever-so-slowly I am going through and replacing each chapter with an edited version. The first maybe ten or so will contain a lot of changes, possibly in a scene, possibly some dialogue, but it won't be crucial to re-read (unless you really want to), its purely for my own peace of mind and so my new readers can enjoy it more.

FYI: New and improved Prologue up, bit longer, bit more detailed. Chapter one in the works.

Coming soon

Having MAJOR issues with the plan for my new longfic. MAY have to sacrifice what I have and make it a medium fic OR work HARD to work out how to write it...


Bed of Roses by RainynDawn http:///albums/uu246/moonyNZ84/BedofRoses.jpg

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