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Pen Name: Erick von Long
Age: 31

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Visit, you'll like it. Lots of digital art, fan art, and tattoo designs.

(June 15, 2017 update: I haven't written in so very long. Been in a serious relationship since 2013, married in fact. My wife is supportive of my writing but to write the stories below required me to be in an intense depression to truly craft. I am much better now that I've ever been and, while I don't write nearly as much as I like, I do come back and read/checkup this page. Thank you everyone over the past decade(s) and know I have not forgotten any of you.)

By no means am I an established "writer", I'm just someone (no pun) who's exercising a hobby I've formed over the years. For anyone wanting to know, I started "writing" at the request of a friend of mine in high school, doing extremely crappy Gundam Wing fics that blended PokeMon and other animes. By crappy I mean CRAP, all in "script" format with no plotting nor intelligence... but you need to baby-talk before you can annunciate, right?

My fics aren't very... well, "happy." While they will usually contain some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, often the works are very dark and morally ambigious unless the situation calls for it (see my Ace Combat story.) Expect realist scenarios (even if it is comic or fantasy genre), lots of coarse language (TV censors normal speech), and do not be surprised if there's violence all over the place.

I've been asked by a few readers why my stories seem "more real" than the fan fiction title these stories possess... To be candid, I don't like writing "fan fiction" as any story based on imaginary characters/locations is, by definition, fiction. While I'm using characters from established fiction, I do not believe that elements of the real world should be ignored solely for the sake of maintaing the nature of an established story. Fan fiction should be an avenue to explore different ideas and options that have not been presented by the media as tools of growth and maturity as writers, not just as fans.

I won't sit here and lecture you, the reader, but rather ask that you read these stories as an open mind. If you feel my stories or characters are incorrectly OOC or what-have-you, please feel free to raise your points but be objective, don't flame for the sake of doing so. I won't post something that I feel is below my standard and I defintely won't post something that insults the reader as intelligent human beings (I make grammar/spelling mistakes but I'm human as well.)

As to why I've centered mainly on Teen Titans, it's actually because the Watchman saga has taken 3 drafts and 6 years to produce in it's entirety and therefore doesn't leave opportunities to explore other titles. I would love to write a crossover Gundam Wing / Gundam UC fiction (I've had a plot in my head for over a decade) but it would involve another 5-6 years of writing, and I don't think humanity has much time left in it.

Someone's Teen Titans "Watchman" Saga:

All stories are rated M for violence, language, sexual content, drug use, mental anguish, and brutal overtones.
... and if you're looking for something "fluffy" and "cute", move along, you won't find it here.

"Redux: The Watchman":
After a brush with the new street drug "White Rabbit", Gar Logan sets out on a journey of self-discovery and vengeance, facing the dark underworld of Jump City. From the ashes of the jokester "Beast Boy" arises Jump City's newest hero: The Watchman. Rated M for drug use, sexual content, violence, and alcohol references. NOT for younger readers.
(As of 7-25-17, story has been undergoing revision. Chapters 1 through 21 have been revised. More to come.)

"Redux 2: The City of Blinding Lights":
After months of self-imposed exiles, Gar Logan finds himself under a blood red sky in Gotham City. His pursuit of the men who've stolen away two of his closest friends, the Watchman plunges his hand into the filth of Gotham for answers... but at what cost? Rated M for heavy language, violence, alcohol references, and depression.

"Redux 2 and a Half: The Bloody Sunday":
With the Watchman gone, a new threat gatheres in Jump City. Shattering both city and people alike with the announcement that will forever scar Jump City and her Titan protectors, the "Illuminati" now rise. Rated M for violence and language.

"Redux 3: There Goes My Hero":
The Watchman has come home to Jump City after the Bloody Sunday bombing and the city's "Vagrant Vigilante" is far from pleased. Embarking on a war of attrition, Gar takes the offensive against an enemy that's growing steadily by the day. Rated M for heavy violence, foul language, sexual themes, alcohol references, and adult themes. NOT for young readers.

"Redux 3 and a Half: The Guns of April":
The fallout from the Illuminati's assault on the Tower continues. As the Justice League, the Titans, and the Government's meeting draws closer, all three factions start to formulate their plans for taking the fight back to the Void Coalition. But the enemy is also employing new strategems of their own...

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