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Hey, well im a 16 year old bloke from Newcastle in the UK, ill read any books i can get my hands on and my fave books at the moment are the Dark Tower set by Stephen King, i advise that any1 that likes Lord of The Rings kinda stuff should read that, not really much to say sept READ them books they are very good



Storys that are in progress:

Harry Potter The Black Kind - ChapterTwo - The Beginning- 3633 words - will be atleast 4000 words, will probley be 5000 though of not more.

Harry Potter and The Power Within - Chapter 13- Online

MORTE VIGA” Voldemort bellowed causing a gasp to come from Dumbledore and Harry as the most powerful and ancient curse came at Harry. The blood red beam shot towards Harry with the front of the beam in the shape of a skull. Harry was instantly building up his power around his body and just as the curse was about to hit Harry threw a powerful thunder bolt at the curse which exploded upwards showering everyone in little red sparks that burnt the skin to the touch.


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