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Joined Jul '15

Find me on A03 as GodOfWar or as goeties on tumblr.

I love headcanons and I'm always searching for new ideas, so if you want to bother me about it go ahead.

My fandoms are Hobbit, Sherlock, Harry Potter, HTTYD, Avengers (well, mostly Loki) Artemis Fowl (yes, we are still there) and as of late Mulan (gods, so little content on this one...)

Got sucked into Good Omens. And Lucifer. I'm still not over both.

Feel free to PM if you want to talk or have questions...I'm bored. Transcendentally bored.

20.04.21. As you can see I'm still writing and updating The Switch and, unless I drop dead from the lung infection that got to me some time ago, I'm going to finish it. Funny thing is, the last 4 chapters are completely finished, so I'm just working to get some filling in this word pie.

Do drop a comment if you like it :)

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