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My God, it's full of fanfics.

I'm going to put this in bold cause it's important: I auto-delete guest reviews. If you want me to read a review, login.

When will Elsewhere, but not Elsewhen be finished? Eventually. I wrote myself into a corner with the ending, and I don't want to write a bad ending for it.

When will Jamie Evans and The Lonely Queen be finished? Eventually. I'm working on finishing a ballooned one-shot, then coming back to this. (The truth as of June 12, 2017)

My Stories:

Elsewhere, but not Elsewhen - See above note. End of fifth year. Voldemort tosses Harry into an alternate dimension at the end of the Ministry debacle. There, he has to deal with the Potter family, including their Hufflepuff son Harry, re-meeting all of his friends, and a still strong connection to the Dark Lord who sent him on his way. Harry/OC... maybe.

Something Wicked This Way Comes - COMPLETE. X-over with Disgaea series. After forth year, before Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. With Voldemort's return, Harry, Hermione, and Ron get the bright idea of summoning a demon to help kill the Dark Lord. Except, when the summoning ritual comes from Luna Lovegood, nothing goes the way it's expected. Beta'd by Kyouzou and Luan Mao. What chapters, I'll figure out later. Not Harry/Ginny.

The Taken Queen - COMPLETE? Fusion? X-over between Worm and Destiny. There is more to come.

The Terrible Ideas Bin - Forever In Progress. My bin of strangeness. They won't always be story beginnings. Sometimes it'll just be snippets of conversation that I have. If you use anything in it, drop me a pm with a link to the story so I can read it and link to it. This is the one that updates whenever I feel like it. Mostly because I never remember to update it on Saturdays.

The Composting Bin - Forever In Progress. My bin for Worm Fics. Mostly the same rules for the Terrible Ideas Bin.

Jamie Evans and The Lonely Queen - IN PROGRESS The continuing adventures of Jamie Evans in having a child, being a teacher, and dealing with Things Beyond Human Ken.

Jamie Evans and Fate's Fool - COMPLETE. Time Travel. Harry steps back in time, with plans, plans within plans, and plans within plans within plans. Except he didn't realize one damn thing: He's fate's chewtoy, and she's going to make him bend over and take it. Honks. Beta'd by Lens of Sanity. Renamed due to FFN's Administrative Tactical Nuclear Strike.

The Monsters of Man - COMPLETE. ONE SHOT. Begins before "Asuka Attacks". Post Godzilla 1985/Gojira Returns. Instead of Mount Asama, Sandolphan appears in Mount Mihara. Can the Evangelions, weapons made to defeat the Messengers of God, destroy humanity's greatest mistake?

Breath of Fire: Of Thieves and Men - On Long-term Hiatus. AU. There was a plot to take over the country, as I recall. There were gods involved, too. I didn't make very many notes. I may, eventually, come back to this, if only because I rarely walk away from something permanently.

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