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Name: (wouldn't you like to know!) Dolphin Dances

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Weight: Oh you must be joking.

Location: On my bed, in my house, in my county, in my state, in my country. There. That's specific enough.

Interests: Dear lord! Is this a personal ad? Oh well, if you insist: Anime, Writing, Reading, Anime, Guys, Anime, TV, Internet, Anime, Manga, Hanging with friends, Anime, Eating, Anime, Sleeping. I think I forgot to mention Anime.

Favourite Anime/Manga (in no specific order): Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball (Z and GT too)

Favourite Cartoon (type... thing... o.O;;;): Justice League, Static Shock, Futurama, Family Guy, All of the classics (bugs and daffy etc.)

Favourite Books: Harry Potter (although the 5th and 6th books were SAD!), All Tamora Pierce (save for the Kelandry books... I don't know why, but I don't much like them...)

Current Fic info (From order of publishing):

Clueless: Teen Titans Romance/Humor BBRae, NWStar: Raven and Beast Boy put Nightwing and Starfire together, in the process falling in love themselves. Slade comes back from banishment and steals away Rae and Star. Nightwing and BB willingly go with the evil git for the lives of their loves. Can Raven and Starfire bring them back? Statis: I'm tearing this fic apart because it doesn't flow how it should. It'll probably get a couple extra chapters and a more in depth way of putting NW and Star together, as well as more of an ease into the RaeBB thing. It just wasn't working for me the way it was. 15 percent done.

Miss Independent: Teen Titans Romance BBRae: She pushed everyone away. She thought she wanted to be alone. Then he came along and changed everything. When he broke her heart, she swore never again. Can a certain green changling show her how wonderful love is?Song-Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson Statis: Complete, Oneshot-Songfic.

Tin Man's Heart: Teen Titans Romance/Angst/Humor Sequel to Clueless: CyBee, BBRae, NWStar: Cy makes himself a synthetic skin to make him look normal. All he's ever wanted was to be normal again. When Titans East is attacked by Brother Blood, they flee to the regular Titans for recooperation and backup. Brother Blood is hell bent on taking Cyborg down for defeating him before. He decides to go for that soul Cy boasted about so openly before. Cy is getting really close to Bee when an old flame shows up. Rae and BB couldn't be happier until someone puts their relationship on rocks. Nightwing wouldn't give up Star for the world... unless he thought it was to protect her. Can Cy save his team from falling apart? Statis: I'm putting this fic on pause until I finish revamping Clueless. I am NOT stopping it though. I have HUGE plans for it.

Part of Me: Teen Titans Angst Robin kills Slade and battles with himself as to whether it was right or wrong. He confronts himself and almost looses his sanity. Can his friends, his team bring him back? Song-Part of Me by Linkin Park Statis: Complete, Oneshot-Songfic.

Through Her Eyes: Inuyasha Romance InuKag SanMir SessOC: Men are so thickheaded sometimes. Women are so stubborn sometimes. Inuyasha, Miroku, Sesshoumaru and Shippo are kidnapped and forced to watch Kagome, Sango, Datherine(OC) and Rin battle their way to save their loved ones. Will it open a few eyes? Or hearts? Statis: Going strong, I really love the idea for this and it was bothering me so I had to do it. I have big plans for this and I hope it turns out well. I'm working hard on it. Chapters might take a while because I'm working on quite a few stories right now.

Back Here: Inuyasha Romance InuKag: Set after Naraku's demise and the jewel's completion. Inuyasha continually leaves camp after everyone goes to bed. She knows where he's going and confronts him. Irritated, he snaps at her and steps over the line. Now that she's gone, and he'll never see her again, he realizes just what he gave up. Song-Back Here by BBMak Statis: Complete, Oneshot-Songfic.

Far From Attractive: Inuyasha Romance/Humor InuKag: Inuyasha insults Kagome for the last time! She's gonna show him! On the night of the new moon she agrees to go out with Hojo (gasp!). Inuyasha follows and tries to sabotage their date, but only succeeds in it better! How is he gonna get that idiotic Hobo off HIS woman! I mean, friend. Off his FRIEND. (-wink-) A fluffy oneshot I was messing with for a while. I think it's cute. Statis: Complete, Oneshot.

Upcoming fic info:

Coma: Rurouni Kenshin Romance/Angst/SlightHumor KenKao: Kaoru gets poisoned badly and put into a coma. No one has any idea if she's going to wake up or not. Kenshin's going out of his mind and the rest of her family is giving up hope. But Kaoru is convincing herself that they'd be better off without her! Can Kenshin convince her otherwise? Statis: Still in the works, but I've got the gist down. I've got to proof it and fix it up, then type it up into my comp, but other than that it's ready for uploading. I'm debating whether to make it a Oneshot or not...

The Perfect Enemy: Inuyasha Romance/Action/Humor InuKag SanMiro SessOC: Another Highschool fic. I know, I know, over done, but I love them, so here it goes: Inuyasha's the biggest player around and has set his sights on Kagome as his next target. He and Kagome grew up together, so she knows his tricks better then anyone. Her best friends Datherine and Sango are assigned to keep the bad boy from tempting Kagome, who has secretly wanted Inuyasha from their childhood. Inuyasha's best friend Miroku is recruited to help him tame this wild beauty who swears no man will ever conquer her and his half brother Sesshoumaru is studying them all from afar. Or rather, studying Dath from afar. Statis: Not even started, but the idea popped into my head, and if I'm feeling bored with my other stories, I might start it.

Author Statis:

Gah! Tar and feather me! I'm so sorry guys. All my creative juices evaporated during the summer. I'll be putting up some more Clueless chapters, and finishing a Through Her Eyes one, but I'm not sure I can promise more than that for a while. Stick with me though!

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