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themisticmist2000 PM
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Hi I am a avid fanfiction reader i like to all sorts of videogames,anime,books,comics,and drawings.

Anime:bleach,naruto,fairy tail,one piece,dragon ball z,hellsing,one punch man

Books:rangers's'apprentice,harry potter,the dredsen files,Worm



Games: Skyrim,Battlefield,call of duty

That is all!

"I have lived many lives, worn many faces, taken many names. But my true name will forever be mine alone. I have travelled to different time periods and walked in different realms and universes, and beheld their natural laws and wonders. I have seen things that transcend the imagination, done things that will forever haunt me, and I know things that must never be spoken. I have made friends, only to lose them. I have walked and fought alongside companions, courted many lovers, only to leave them all in the end. I have been hero to many, enemy to even more, mentor to some, and even monster to a few others. I am a Gamer." Sanguiluna

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