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yo everyone

just a normal guy who write fanfictions for fun

well at least i try too , i can say i'm a pro reader ( i read many fanfictions it's not even healthy ) but i'm new to writing , and hey that's ok

i have many cool ideas but i lack the time and motivation . an i honestly always enjoyed reading over writing and damn do we have some amazing writers

i am a part of many fandoms but my two main fandoms that i enjoy their stories are naruto and fairy tail

my favorite pairings

Naruto :

Naruto x Tsunade : pretty much my favorite of all time...i'm a huge slut for age gap stories and how the lovers can get over it...granted most of their stories are lemon but you won't see me complaining . also i love seeing tsunade getting over her past trauma with the help of our ball of sunchine naruto

Naruto x Hinata : i shipped them for a while even thought i started as a NARUSAKU . she always believed in him and watched over him so if anyone deserve naruto it's her

naruto x sakura : my first naruto pairing , i remember shipping the hell outta them in my younger days..sadly i'm not fan of sakura character and her obsession with sasuke but we have many talented writers that can redeem her character and give her some worth

naruto x anko : she's a firecracker and i love their interaction in their stories...beside older ladies are the best

naruto x ino : i love the concept of ino moving on from sasuke and realizing how naruto is a great person who can make her happy and her regetting how she always ignored him and such...you know the cute underdog x queen plot

Naruto x tayuya : tayuya is easily one of the best female kishimoto was able to create so of course she won't stay for more than an arc. i love her sailor mouth and her bitchy attitude and how naruto can crack that rock solid heart of her

shikamaru x temari : those two belong together no question asked . no shikaxino or naruto x temari whatsoever

couples that i hate

sasuke x anyone : sorry but i can't see sasuke loving or falling in love with anyone, the kid is so broken and so traumatized that i feel him being in a relation will be forced and unatural . like what we have in cannon with sakura

temari x anyone other than shikamaru : sorry shikamaru and temari were made for each others.

sai x ino : they never click for me and their relationship feel so forced

naruto x tenten : here's a fun fact : naruto and tenten never interacted with each other in cannon... yep not even a word if i recall correctly

boy x boy : never being a fan of yaoi

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