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Ichigo's Harem:

Bleach: Orihime, Tatsuki, Rukia, Rangiku(Deceased), Senna, Neliel, Tia Halibel. (Future Additions: Bambietta Basterbine, Candice Catnipp)

Akame Ga Kill: Esdeath, Akame(Still in her world)

Fate Characters: Jeanne D'Arc, Scathach, Artoria.

DxD: Xenovia, Rossweiss, Yasaka, Gabriel, Tiamat, Kuroka. (Possible: Ophis, Ingvild Leviathan)

Ichigo's Children:

Future Fics ideas: Likelihood I'll do them

Bleach (Ichigo Awakens)/ High-School DXD Xover: Ten years after Yhwach is defeated, Ichigo is getting ready to graduate and become the next Head Captain of the Gotei when his world gets much bigger and other Pantheons drag him and his allies into their battles. (During Bleach Epilogue Timeskip and the start of Excaliber Incident, beginning of New anime) Definite

To Protect All Souls. Bleach(Ichigo Awakens)/ One Piece(To Protect Everything) Xover, collab between me and LordDraekai. Shortly after the Thousand Year Blood War, a dangerous criminal breaks out of Soul Society's prison and steals some very dangerous Zanpakuto before fleeing into the Precipe World. Ichigo creates a team to hunt down the villain and ending him. Meanwhile, in the New World of a distant world, the Straw Hat Marines receive new orders about a terrorist cult that will destroy the world. Work in planning.

I WILL NOT DO A NARUTO FANFIC. That would mean I'd have to rewatch the series and I've hated Naruto ever since his mom was introduced.

Fic Challenges/Fic ideas

Star vs The Forces of Evil: Marco finding his own magical artifact similar to Star's wand.

Dragon Quest XI: Why did the Luminary only go back to before Veronica's sacrifice? Why not even further to try and save even more people? HeroXJade.

Resident Evil: Albert Wesker fighting alongside the heroes of the series a little longer, but still working his own agenda. He becomes too valuable an ally for them to get rid of but he still seeks to become a god.

Resident Evil/PROTOTYPE crossover: There's nothing in the Resident Evil storyline that can hope to match Blacklight from Prototype, but who doesn't like watching an unstoppable juggernaut tear through other monsters with ease? Might start with RE2 and Blackwatch and Gentek has to be antiheroes.

Mass Effect/Halo Crossover: There was a fic called Halo: New Age where Truth, Mercy, and Regret were exposed by Mendicant Bias and executed for their lies, bringing an early end to the Covenant War and an alliance with Humanity and the Covenant. When they meet the Citadel, they become locked in a Cold War despite the coming Reapers. Considering everything that came out about Halo lore since then, I'd like to see a new take on that.

Shokugeki no Soma: Jouichiro adopted Asahi into the Yukihira family, how this affects the series.

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