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Uh...hi, everyone! These are the writings of an introverted gamer, animation enthusiast, and comic book reader who has found himself trying to become a writer. I've always enjoyed stories. Most of my childhood was spent watching TV, movies, playing games, reading books, anything I could get my hands on that conveyed some kind of narrative. I was that weird kid who would sit by himself at recess and read sci-fi novels rather than play kickball with everyone else my age. I was the one who would always complain when a football game ran long and they cut off the first 20 minutes of the night's creature feature to make room for it. Every Friday I would rent a new VHS tape from the local library and watch it multiple times over the weekend after I finished my homework. When my dad brought me to baseball games, I would bring a book to read rather than watch the field. Despite my passionate love of stories, I honestly never thought I would be writing things for complete strangers to read. It was always just too big a thing to consider. I was resigned to just the occasional creative writing assignment and being a spectator of the world of storytelling.

Then Halo 5 came out.

Suffice to say, I was not impressed. The Halo series had been a part of my life since I was 12 years old. I eagerly awaited every new installment and read all of the series' novels I could get my hands on. I had spent the 3 years between Halo 4 and 5 imagining all of the different ways the story of the Halo games could go. The year leading up to Halo 5's release was particularly encouraging with the release of the excellent audio drama 'Hunt the Truth' seasons 1 and 2. The disappointment at the utterly squandered potential was palpable for me. I was so disappointed that I felt compelled to write a story that utilized all of the elements I had imagined prior to the release of the official, canon story. I'm not sure what benign (possibly space-faring) entity possessed me to post it online rather than just keep it on my hard-drive. Whatever it was, I am forever in its debt. It's fair to say that posting my fanfiction online has changed my life. The experience, especially the feedback from surprisingly encouraging readers, is what convinced me to pursue a career in writing. So, uh...thanks, guys. You rule.

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