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My name is ZayaMartinForever19951. This is my other account one account of mine is connected to my Facebook because I couldn't be bothered to make an account before but the only reason ive ever made an account was to read my favourite stories specially JustinBieberLover101 now CaileyZayaForever's stories.

Things about me

Here are my Favourite couples

1)Zack and Maya from Suite Life Series who according to Macy was her number 1 favourite couple. She wanted them back together no matter what it takes. She never ships Zack with anybody else except Maya.

2)Trevor and Maddie from Suite Life Series

3)Todd and London from Suite Life Series Obviously I mean we all ship them.

4)Jake and Miley from Hannah Montana Total Ship

5)Brooks and Jessie from Jessie Total Ship

6)Austin and Ally from Austin and Ally Total Ship

7)Holden and Liv from Liv and Maddie

8)Josh and Maddie from Liv and Maddie

9)Xander and Emma from Bunkd

10)Mason and Alex from Wizards Of Waverly Place

11)Spencer and Teddy from Good Luck Charlie

12)Toby and Spencer from Pretty Little Liars Total Ship

13)Jason and Aria from Pretty Little Liars Total Ship

14)Mike and Mona from Pretty Little Liars

15)Caleb and Hanna from Pretty Little Liars

16)Emily and Alison from Pretty Little Liars

17)Nico and female Percy (Persephone but Male Percy and Nico bromance)

18)Jason and Piper

19)Frank and Hazel

20)Percy and Thalia

Favorite Disney Movies

Suite Life Movie

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