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English isn't my first language, so if I make mistakes in writing please don't hesitate to say it so that I can better myself. I'm French and I love Japan culture and of course anime in general.

I like all types of Mangas but i particularly enjoy those with a wide universe with a little bit of romance and messages (like Magi for example). I like to "link" elements from different Mangas to a single Fic if I think it can be integrated without troubling the story. For example integrating the rokushiki from one piece to the narutoverse.

In each of my stories I will add certain songs (mainly soundtrack) to accompany the scenes. All songs will be written at the beginning of the chapter so that you can prepare a playlist beforehand (all of them are available on you). I perfectly understand that it can be a hassle and that you prefer to read directly.

If you think that what I write isn't good or "cliché" please write a constructive criticism and not something like "your story sucks you have no imagination!!". I will read all of your constructive comments and try to answer all of them. Writing something that everyone can enjoy is one of my goals so please help me create something we can all enjoy.

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