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Hey everyone. Avid reader of fanfiction. Star wars, ed, edd, and eddy, but at the moment my time is spent reading the Kim Possible stories. Great show which deserves new seasons or series. I will say this right off the bat, I AM A KIM AND RON SHIPPER!!!!! NO KIGOS!!!!!!!!! NO RONGOS, NO BON-RONS!!!! NO KINIQUES OR KIM BON!!! CANT STAND THEM!!!!! It is under very controlled circumstances that I will read them, and then only if it minimal, and has Ron and Kim together by the end(3RD party could be involved in maybe a menage a trois sitch). That KR romance is truly heart lifting for me and makes me hope I'll find my own Kim someday, if I see the others, even when I try to look at them from an objective, just reading to appraise the author and his writing, it still breaks my heart and hurts my hope.

That all said, I highly recommend all the authors on my fav list since they all have at least one good KR story, even if some made the unfortunate lapse in judgement to write a Kigo.

The kim possible stories have encouraged me to possibly start writing some stories myself. However, the originality portion of my imagination is defective. On the other hand I have always had a knack for the "possibilities" (heh heh) of a story. So I believe I will be be writing small continuations or alt endings for some stories that seem *ahem to have not quite ended properly.That being said I would never change the core of the original story, but a 90 degree turn may happen. That is to say, if I were to add-on to a deathfic, the death would still happen, but resurrection or afterlife or whatever plot device to continue it would occur. Most would be for closure to a story or humor. *I will always make the utmost effort to contact the author of the original for permission, hopefully beta-reads or help on ideas or even co-wrie if they are so inclined.

Well thats all for now, back to marinating.

If your still here check out temporaryinsanity91. She has some excellent AU Kim possible. Including my favorite, the Cold series: Fire and Ice, and A Kiss in the Rain. She truly has alot of talent and I hope she returns to updating soon so rate and review her so she starts up again.

Update: 9/15/15 Finished my first chapter of my 1st continuation, though it will be a prologue so I have a base for later chapters. Will post after editing and original author betas. More importantly I believe I have come up with several original ideas I may explore, let me know if interested. Also if you see and stories that may need something extra on them and I'll take a look. But need to get my street cred up first so may take awhile.

Original ideas:

Lowardians invade during STD just as Diablos are deployed. Forces alliance between Team Possible and Drakken and world. This will be a war fic. Would def be my longest if I pursued it, but I have alot of good scenes in my head involving the fall of middleton since Diablos cant deploy there due to Kim and ron already destroying transmitter. Romance and tragedy.

Clean slate idea 1: James Possible must pay, some kind of revenge against him by Ron, kim, both or Mrs dr P due to him blatantly leaving Ron out of the device. Range from prankish to physical pain.

Clean Slate idea 2: Kim remembers everyone(including Ron) but not her Dad.

(Im anti- Dr P bc of his crap in that episode and his overall smugness)

Clean Slate idea 3: Kim and Ron lose memories, get trapped, remember each other, but too much time passes and unable to remember anyone else for extended period of time. Would involve them fast-forwarding their relationship, living together sex poss marriage etc etc.

Oh no yono idea 1: Short one I will write that tweaks the ending, showing what happened to the Yono monkey. Humor

Oh No yono idea 2: Hana gets hurt fighting Monkey Fist and Yono, and Ron steps up.

Moodulator match Ron vs Shego: Moodulators get stuck on Ron and Shego in rage setting, which amplifies their powers and causes massive destruction and fight.

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