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Hi! My name's Nicole. You call me Nikki and you get gutted. Yeah, I'm new here (as an author, not a reader!)and I don't think my work's all that great...But anyways, you can read and review my work...if you want...If you have any Scream Randy/Sid fanfics or Thir13en Ghosts fanfics, TELL ME PLEASE! It's my current obsession. That and Rent (broadway musical). I love anime and broadway and most movies and some video games, like Xenosaga and Final Fantasy IX and X. E-mail me if you want. Sorry for wasting your time. Yes, my self esteem is very low, and you can tell that just from this. Oh, and if you have any math problems for me to solve, I will be delighted to test my abilities (I'm in Geometry this year!). Sorry again for wasting your time. Thanks for reading.

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