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Time for a little ranting. (Fairy Tail)

So, my newest guilty pleasure is Fairy Tail. I stumbled upon it because of a music video. I liked the animations and decided to check out the anime. (Currently reading the manga)
And of course, I checked out fanfiction for the series as well.
I kinda lost my heart to Lucy Heartfilia. I think she is a great character. Escaping the seemingly easy life as the daughter of one of the richest men in the land just to realize her dream of becoming a mage.
I like that she is so nice and sweet, but can be a bit vain too.
I like her growth in the series.
And now, for all of those people that think she hasn't grown or call her weak because she isn't as strong as the rest of her Team.
That is such bullshit!!!!
First off, yes, she is not as strong as the rest of her team. So what? That doesn't mean she is weak! She only joined Fairy Tail about two years ago (not counting the 7 year gap from Tenrou islands). And since then she has become loads stronger!
And to compare her with Erza, Gray and Natsu isn't fair at all. All three of them have been trained since their childhood (Erza being the special case here) and have joined the Guild still at an early age. Whereas Lucy lived most of her life under her fathers scrutiny, where she surely wasn't able to train much with her magic. So of course the others are stronger than her. Still doesn't make her weak though. Or useless. I so hate it when people call her useless just because she isn't as strong as the others. What bullshit! Gray isn't as strong as Erza, Natsu isn't as strong as Laxus, does that make them useless or weak?
In fact, I kinda like that Lucy isn't as strong as the others. It makes her more accessable. And with her I can still wonder about the outcome of a fight.
For example, remember the Grand magic Games when Erza had this 'Defeat the monsters in the castle' gig?
When she called out all 100, I was like: Yeah, kinda saw that coming.
I really wasn't shocked or surprised at all. And I never doubted she would win, because, well, she is Erza.
And its the same with Natsu and Gray. Somehow they win in the end. It just is like that. You know it and it kinda takes away from the experience.
With Lucy though, I can still wonder. I sit on the edge of my seat and I'm thrilled and rooting for her through the whole thing.
And yeah, she lost both fights in the Grand magic Games, but again, the people calling her weak for that are idiots!
Raven Tail CHEATED!!! Lucy was stronger than Flare. She dominated the fight in the beginning. But then the bitch had to threaten little Asuka and when that threat was gone (thanks to Natsu) and Lucy should have cashed in her more than deserved win with her awesome Urano Metria, her magic got cancelled out from Raven Tails bastard.
And come on, making her fight against Minerva??? Thats like sicking a rabbit against a wolf. Minerva, though an ice cold bitch, simply is in another league when it comes to fighting experience and magical power, so of course Lucy lost. Even Erza had to go all out and unlock her second origin to win against Minerva.

Dammit, I'm rambling again. What I actually wanted to say, is that I don't really want Lucy to change all that much.
In my opinion, Lucy doesn't have to be such a powerhouse like Natsu.
She doesn't have to be as skilled or battle experienced as Erza.
She doesn't have to be as talented as Gray.
She definitely doesn't have to learn another kind of magic. (I love the friendship and trust between her and her spirits.)
She just has to stay the loving, caring, forgiving, sometimes scared and a little vain, but always willing to give it her all, person that she is.
I like her just like that.
The Lucy that cleaned up Natsu's house, and ran after his scarf after the fight on Tenrou island. (It was that fight, right?)
The Lucy that supported Gray during the Deliora arc. The one that angrily told Erza Knightwalker not to talk like that while looking and sounding like her beloved friend. The Lucy that caught an unconcious Happy while her hands were tied with a magic binding substance to cushion his fall.
The Lucy who always stands up to the enemy, even though she is afraid, and even though she knows she isn't as strong, just to help and protect her friends.
The Lucy who forgave Gajeel, who nearly beat her to death, just like that.
The Lucy who worried about Flare getting hit, even after the way she treated her.
The Lucy who was ready to lay her life down to save Loke from his death sentence.

She doesn't need to change. She is perfect the way she is.

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