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My user is Kragalist. The following is about muah:

I am canadian. Im sorry eh?

Age: over 18, so yk I drink beer sometimes I guess? Weed legal here too which is nice. On chronic for my chronic.

Also If you happen to be more literate than me, I would treasure any criticism with examples of mistakes. Im learning what goes into a good story, mixing some elements together if you know what I mean. Sauté. Like 88% self taught.

Everyone should learn how to hack. At very least blue team stuff. And you can troll your friends but if they aint chill with it jail. Or something else idk. Ppl unpredictable sometimes. But Ye ppls networks wide open and you cant save a leaky ship. Hide yourselves from your ISPs and others. Because idk there a dood that been going insano tryna brute force my accounts open 24/7. I have strong passwords so like In 90 years he would've gotten in if I didn't delete my ogmail as user.

Stories I liked and recommend:

  • I became a vulpix - by anshe-rose
  • Curse of the lucario - by talkingbirdguy
  • Sleep and be killed - by akatsuiki’s a bang
  • Pokémon mystery dungeon life in flames - gamerfan441
  • Status: Who knows, until I forget about this website again. Don't worry now, Im committed to finishing head in the clouds. I want to start it off strong so theres two chapters In a day. I had fun writing it, so IDC if you hate. Actually, leave me the meanest nastiest comment you hate. I appreciate it whenever anyone decides to waste time on me. ;) because satire reigns supreme. Invoke le thoughts.

    character canon/profiles:

    Skyler, riolu; eccentric, chill ish, wants others to be happy at any cost, emotionally stupid sometimes, Hyperintelligent but unwise. Likes minerals and the ocean.

    Rin, eeve; shy but still outgoing, cursed? Spooky, gentle, emotionally unbalanced, introverted, unintelligent but wise. Likes the stars.

    sam, jigglytuff; mysterious, caring, unclear motives, wise and intelligent. Likes apples.

    Nurse Chancey; she dont take no bull sh!t, caring, unwise and unintelligent. Likes chocolate.

    Fraya, pikachu; Organized, old fashioned, tough, extroverted, extremely wise. Likes rain and coconuts.

    Tera, furret; Organized, quiet, tough, introverted, extremely wise. Likes trees and honey.

    Dumb and dumber, poochyena murcrow; Idk some mean @ss#0/35 I decided to throw in as supporting characters. Likes pain. Specifically towards others. Theyd like me lol mines chronic.

    Descriptions of places.

    If you were to walk in the directions, you would see the rooms or locations pass by in the orders listed.

    The cloud guild: Left wing hall has a storage closet then chancys office dorms 1-5 and wiggles office at the end. Right wing has stairs to 2nd floor, dorms 10-6, an kitchenette then abras office. In the centre of the building there is the courtyard, with the canteen and job board closer to the right wing with the canteen being closer to the entrance of the guild. Top floor left wing has dorms S1-S4 with the right wing having an S mission job board and a courtyard balcony. Also a huge empty room sam doesn't know what to do with yet.

    Town of wind, same layout kind of as explorers of sky exept there are three houses next to the guild. There is a river separating the rest of the town from the guild with a bridge. Immediately across the bridge is the town square with shop, bank, and jail house. Court house is just behind jail house. Eight houses behind those four buildings. Far right of the town there is a huge farm with a verity of goods produced. South of the town has a forest on the west side, river runs through the forest and grassy beach to the east. Ocean spans north and east on a coastline. The river runs into the ocean and its a waterfall.

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