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Well... I am Arcturus Peverell and I am a guy from India, with an obsession with fantasy creative writing, which at present, is somewhat limited to HP and Fate Universes. Although to be honest, my fics are somewhat focussed on trying to get rid of stupid plotholes from the crack-fic known as Canon and create something that makes a little more sense, both as a world with a sensible magical system and sensible magical people. I am more of a fan of complex plotlines with multi-dimensional, flawed characters than over-powered teenagers who take the world by storm and run circles around adults.

That is all, I think.

I am presently working with my co-author Skadarken (View profile) and we have an update rate of approximately a chapter or two a month. I felt to mention this considering the amounts of PM's I receive asking me the same question. Both me and my co-author are an avid fan of people who take a moment to write a proper review about what they think of our stories as well as their suggestions for improvement. Additionally, we take greate pleasure in addressing guests who consider leaving hate mail as their biggest contribution to the world.

Thank you.

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