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I try to write (mostly in english) to improve my skills.

My ships:

Rollo x Gisla (duh!) / Korra x Asami / Bolin x Opal / Dipper x Pacifica / Aang x Katara / Sokka x Suki / Sokka x Zuko (I love Sokka!) / Jane x Petra (from Jane the Virgin)

I really like Vikings, Legend of Korra, The last airbender, Gravity falls, Izombie, Brooklyn nine nine, Sense 8, Daredevil (and plenty of other shows)
Considering web shows, I love SLG, Joueur du Grenier, Link the sun, Nota bene, MrJday, la Why Tea fam and several others.

I only wrote one story yet, but I think I might write some others if I have time. (update: I wrote so much stories it impressed myself)


INSTAGRAM : lauredessine


Warning :

I put Shieldwall and coffee on hiatus so there might not be a lot of updates. I will try as much as possible to write a chapter per year or maybe two. I still want to write it but I kind of have a write block for this ff. I know what will happen but I have tremendous trouble to formulate the words.

Also :

I plan to write two more stories, one for the Rolisla Fanfiction Christmas Challenge (check that on tumblr or on ) which will be a mermaid AU and another focused on Siggy Bjornsdottir and Angrboda Flokisdottir which I'll write after I finished the mermaid AU.

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