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Who am I? Suna Chunin. What do I do? What most people on fanfiction do, work and write fanfic when real life doesn't get in the way. Hate people who flame a writer for no good reason. If you don't like a story, give reasons why and be constructive. Don't just flame for the sake of doing so. I find it immature and honestly just down right mean. I have not posted any stories because I am not happy with what I right. I hate stories that never get finished and will most likely never post something that I am not going to finish.

Here is another thing about me: I don't really get into ridiculous pairings. What I mean by that is like Harry Potter getting together with Snape and somehow getting pregnant even though both are male. I will not read those types of stories. Not that I am against gay pairings. I just prefer them not being the (in my opinion) stupid mpreg ones. If the story is well written, good grammer and structure. Sure then I'll read it if the plot line interests me. BUT! If I see mpreg in the description, I ignore it.

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