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Name: Demon Wolf 25

I have many different favorites that I like to read. I don't have much of a good grasp of writing English, I'm better at reading and not catching the mistakes.

I follow stories that are not finished and I only favorite if the story is complete.

I may work on more then one story at a time however I wont post more then one at a time unless its the same unvierse or omakes. Unless I finish a story. It might happen one day.


Hellsing/Harry Potter Crossover

Title: Full Circle
Summary: Time comes full circle for Alucard and his past may just catch up with him. He is no longer the hero and savior they thought they knew. He was a monster who prayed on other monsters. TT. MoD. AU.

This story will one day be rewritten, when? No clue yet.
Progress: Still writing even if I have not posted in a while. Sorry people.
Chapter 1- posted 9/21/2020
Chapter 2- posted 10/5/2020
Chapter 3- posted 10/19/2020
Chapter 4- posted 11/02/2020.
Chapter 5- Still writing it. Not done, sorry people. As soon as its done I will post it. I wont be giving dates for posting now. I really didnt think I would keep to a schedule.

-The further I get in my crossover the story, the more chance I may post Omakes in another story. If you have any ideas for them as I keep posting, I dont mind hearing them in either a pm or review. I may not write each idea but if you gave me the idea and I write it for an Omake I will give you credit.

--Thanks you all who fav and follow me for this story. I didnt think I would get this much love for this story. Also thanks to any and everyone who favorited and followed me as an author. I still don't think I'm any good but it certainly has made my days.
--This virus is starting to really get me down now.

Possible Sequel to Full Circle
Title: ?
Summary: 'Harry' learned a lot more then magic at Hogwarts. He learned how to connect to his more 'human' side. How will this affect the Hellsing timeline? This summary to subject to be changed. It is not a final summary.

Harry Potter/ Rune Factory Crossover

Title: ?
Summary: Harry's luck gets him into some weird situations but this one was new to him. He didn't know where he was let alone how to get home. As he slowly adjusts to this 'problem', he may not wish to return. No planned pairing yet.


Title: Indigo League Redone
Summary: What if Ash was a bit smarter in how he did things, actually learned from his experiences and didn't take the easy way out? Ash catches and trains as many pokemon as he can on his way to the top.
-Rewrite of the Anime with some video game plot points and with a hopefully better Ash. When should I try and add the movies into my story? Cause I don't know...
- If i ever get further then the Kanto Region I will be writing each region with a different story. If I post it won't be until I finish a good number of chapters.

Summary: Only trains the Eevee line. This could be a story where someone only trains a certain type. I have only seen one fic where this happens but it hasn't been updated in awhile.

Title: ?
Summary: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Story

"This world in which we wonder is wonderful and free, but the only truth we can really know is that everything will change."

I wish that I could find a fanfic that follows the manga of Black Butler with no anime in the plot (or very little). That is also finished in a good way.

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