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I'm just a type of Person who is a Amourshipper
and I support for Ash and Serena to be Canon
I'm a new Amour writer for this Fanfic
and I love Anime and love to draw them.
Pokemon XY is going for a spin to go crossover
and having a fanfiction that I made.

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Ash and Serena's First Date: The Real One -Complete It was based on my comment on Youtube as a prediction back in November 2014, Sadly I was wrong. My first Amourshipping story and I enjoyed it, So sweet and Romantic! XD

Future Fanfiction (Chapters) Planned:

Godzilla vs Alpha Muto (Pokemon x Godzilla) (Amourshipping)- In Progress of Writing, Release Date: 5/25/16

Not One, But Out (Amourshipping)- In Progress of Planning

Ash and Serena: Dancing with the Performer (Amourshipping) - Planning/Developing

That's what Childhood Friends For (Amourshipping)- Planning

Noibat for a Day (Amourshipping)- Planning

Jurassic World: Clash of the Dinos (Jurassic Mon) (Amourshipping)- Coming Soon

Pokedraft (Pokemon x Backdraft) (Amourshipping)- Coming in 5/25/16

Untitled Godzilla 2016 (Pokemon x Godzilla: Resurgence)- Coming Soon

Einhander: Covenant- Coming Soon

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